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Whistleblower Christopher Wyliefears his predecessor was murdered in Kenya

Leave ‘cheats’:
Christopher Wylie
makes allegations
before MPs PIC: GETTY

THE whistleblower who revealed the Facebook privacy scandal told MPs yesterday he fears his predecessor was murdered.

Christopher Wylie worked for Cambridge Analytica (CA), which is accused of using the private data of 50million Facebook users during Donald Trump’s 2016 US election bid for the White House.

The British company is also accused of using dirty tricks in other election campaigns, including in Kenya where political strategist Dan Muresan, 32, was found dead in 2012 after a deal ‘went sour’.

‘People suspected he was poisoned in his hotel room,’ Mr Wylie told the Commons digital, culture, media and sport committee.

‘Cambridge Analytica was working with Kenyan politicians but, in a lot of African countries, if a deal goes wrong, you pay for it.’

Mr Wylie, 28, said the company may have used its data to help the Leave campaign ‘cheat’ in 2016’s EU referendum.

He said Vote Leave secretly co-operated with other Brexit campaign groups to get round official spending limits, paying a CA ‘franchise’ to target undecided voters. ‘This is cheating,’ he said.

CA chief executive Alexander Nix was suspended after he was filmed boasting about bribing and blackmailing international politicians.

The culture select committee has asked him to reappear after he told them CA did not use Facebook data. Mr Wylie called the claim ‘dishonest’ and told the committee CA is not a ‘legitimate firm’.

He said people running CA are rich like Mr Nix — who he claimed once paid £200,000 for a chandelier — and ‘they need something to keep them occupied… Going into the developing world and running a country is something that appeals to them.’