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What’s up with WhatsApp? Struggling to juggle demands of e-comms

IF YOU wind up wanting to rave about your latest shopping spree, please have a care before you share. Because there are two types of people in the world: those who reply to messages immediately and those who keep you waiting. People like me, that is, who don’t jump at every phone vibration because they’re getting stuff done.

It might have worked for Europe’s Ryder Cup team but I can’t cope with the ever-increasing volume of emails, texts, WhatsApps, Facebook messengers, notes from randoms on Twitter… Playing ping-pong with our attention span seems to have become a requirement of modern life, leaving those of us who focus on one thing — the old-fashioned way — look inept.

And e-comms intrude on your life, whether you’re a hermit or socialite. These days there’s a new WhatsApp group for the opening of an envelope. Dare to talk to someone at yoga and, next thing you know, you’re part of an electronic inner circle of banter before you’ve even rolled your mat up.

Instant communication was intended to make us more efficient but missives are so easy to send, they’ve become an impediment. I find it stressful to juggle several channels of communication. It’s mentally exhausting.

Managing your e-comms has become a new social skill. People compete to fire off with the quickest, wittiest one-liner in chat groups. But excuse me if I don’t join your digital chat or comment on that random picture of your dog, I’m just being productive elsewhere.