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Wellbeing Hot List: Gear with added feel-good factor

Specs appeal

Loving Victorious Beings has created a colour therapy eyewear collection. The custom lenses aim to enhance happiness, focus, wellbeing, relaxation and even help with anxiety. Available in pink (for boosting your mood and soothing the mind) and orange (helps with anxiety), they also have UVA/B protection (pictured above). £179 each,

Water good idea

Looking to pimp up your water? Actiph Alkaline Ionised Water is produced by purifying spring water, adding essential electrolytes and then supercharging to pH9 or higher. This basically means it’s proven to hydrate faster than ordinary water and the added minerals mean better physical performance and mental clarity. Sports bottle, £1.39 (600ml).

The lighting’s on the wall

Nanoleaf create experience lighting controlled by touch (or by app). The energy-efficient lightbulbs have more than 16million colour combinations and can be placed on walls or ceilings, react to music and wake you up with a personalised light alarm. £89.99 (Smarter Kit inc four panels),

Vit of what you fancy

Selecting the right vitamins can be confusing so Boxed Off Vegan Supplements has come up with a simple idea: pick the box of supplements that works best for you. Suggestions include Cool As A Cucumber (helps you reach a Zen state), Hit Refresh (gives you a kickstart) and Strong As An Ox (helps build muscle). All ingredients are plant-based and come in 100 per cent biodegradable and recyclable packaging. From £49 for a 30-day supply,

Free and easy

If you’re looking for cooking inspiration, Maple From Canada has launched a free cookbook. There’s 50 simple ideas for ways to use the 100 per cent natural sweetener in your dishes, from banana bread to fresh salmon and pasta bakes. Download

Scents & sensibilities

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant is vegan friendly, cruelty free and free from aluminium, parabens and artificial fragrances. It works by absorbing your sweat, rather than masking it, while scents include Bergamot + Lime and Rose + Vanilla. £6.99 each,

Life and soles

Hoka’s Clifton Edge is the brand’s most technical running shoe to date. Debuting an ultra-resilient, super-light, foam sole, they are finished with a flared outsole that cradles the foot and creates a supportive base. £140,

Cream of the crops

If you’re already using a MyZone fitness tracking belt, the brand’s new Sports Bra will come as a game-changer. No more lost signals and slipping straps, because it has the sensor built-in. £49.99,

Raising the bar

The celebrity go-to protein bar Grenade has launched a limited-edition Strawberry Ice Cream flavour. It might taste sugary, have a white chocolate coating and be filled with crispies, but there’s less than 2g of sugar and it’s packed with 21g of protein. We’ll have two, then. £2.49 each,

Lot of bottle

If you’re looking for an all-singing, all-dancing water bottle, this Larq Movement Terra bottle could be the one — light as a feather, it self-cleans and purifies. Simply press a button to activate the UV light inside and it will neutralise germs, bacteria, protozoa and other harmful, odour-causing bio-contaminants. £78 (710ml),