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Wax without the pain

COULD you, would you, should you wax your legs, underarms and other miscellaneous body parts during lockdown? I think the answer, at this point, is: why the hell not if you want to? You can reap rewards if you’re up for the challenge.

‘When using any waxing product, it’s important to sanitise the area first,’ advises Chloe Scriminger from Ministry of Waxing. ‘This will remove any perspiration and bacteria, and give a clean base for the product to adhere to without causing irritation to the top layer of the skin.’

If you choose a strip wax product, Scriminger recommends a small amount of talc be applied as a barrier to protect the skin.

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‘Strip wax does adhere quite firmly to the epidermis,’ she says. ‘I would advise only going over the area once as repeating the step could remove parts of the epidermis that have active cell membranes.’ Ouchie.

‘Those using a hard (hot) wax product should follow the recommended advice from the supplier,’ Scriminger says. ‘Use either an oil or talc base. Hard wax does not stick to the skin, it only adheres to the hair — you can wax over the same area twice assuming a small amount of the barrier product is used again. Hard wax is better for sensitive areas such as underarm and bikini line, as they have terminal hair, which is coarser than the vellus hair found on your arms and legs.’

Obviously be aware of the temperature of your wax and test a small amount of it before applying it anywhere. Make sure you apply the wax in the direction your hair grows, says our expert.

‘Remove against the direction of hair growth to give best results and ensure the hair bulb is removed from the root,’ she adds. ‘Ensure you hold and stretch the skin while removing the wax strip to prevent making the skin red’.

Scriminger recommends an aftercare product be used ‘to close and clean the pores’ and in a month, if we’re not all back to our favourite waxperts, simply go through this entire ordeal again at your leisure.

‘Waxing should be completed every four to six weeks as it takes 30 to 45 days for the hair to go through the hair- growth process,’ she says.

Righty ho!