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TV To Go: Conflict: Julian McMahon on playing part-human/part-alien in Runaways

Your character Jonah is an intriguing creation. What’s your take on what drives him?

Initially he’s driven by the opportunity, which he’s been waiting a long time for, to get access to his family, who are stuck in the centre of the Earth, so first you get to see this guy who’s driving towards a particular mission and we don’t even know what it is. Then we get to see what the mission is and we get to see he’s got a reason for it — he’s not just doing it randomly. Playing a character who’s in human form but is actually an alien is really kind of fun because you try to balance those two qualities together. In the new season, I wanted him to develop more human qualities over the alien qualities.

There’s a huge chasm between the generations in Runaways. Did it make you reflect on your own qualities as a parent?

Big time. I’ve raised a child myself and have a teenager and so I’ve seen all the things teenagers go through, which is a lot, particularly these days with the social stuff that’s happening. It was interesting for me because I went through it with the young actors in the show on-camera but I also went through it with them off-camera. It’s hard not to parent them when you see all these kids, and they’re so cute and individual, but they think nothing outside of their own world is important.

What do you get recognised most for? Surely Nip/Tuck?

Oh man, that just depends where you are. If I’m in southern California I probably get noticed most for Nip/Tuck, and then if I drive two hours north of where I live in California, I get noticed more from Charmed. I literally could drive up the street and it would be something different. So I think the most recognisable characters are probably Charmed, Nip/Tuck and Fantastic Four.

Your dad, Sir William, was prime minister of Australia. Have you been tempted to go into politics?

No, no! I don’t fit with politics very well. It’s a little too crazy, I think. I know the business I’ve chosen is one that is public but I really enjoy my time that is private. But with politics, once you’re in, you’re in. And there’s no place to go outside of it.

Marvel’s Runaways season two is on Syfy at 9pm tonight