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TV To Go: Binge It Or Bin It? An oddly entertaining visit to siblings’ haunted house


Locke & Key

WHAT would you do if you moved to your family’s spooky old mansion and discovered a bunch of keys with bizarre magical powers that could let you do pretty much anything? Chances are you’d have a bit more fun than Tyler, Kinsey and Bode, the kids at the heart of this teen-centric supernatural romp. Yet another comic-book adaptation, this one spun off from a series by Joe Hill, the plot largely exists to put these kids in as much jeopardy as possible while they battle the demon intent on bagging the keys.

Aside from the chance to give that old reliable, the high-school queen bitch, a rough ride, what the keys unlock for these kids is pure misery. Which, for all the show’s lapses into Disney-ish kids caper, makes Locke & Key oddly entertaining.

Emilia Jones, Connor Jessup and Jackson Robert Scott are engaging as the trio of siblings. And Laysla De Oliveira and Felix Mallard are a devilish double act as the gender-shifting baddie (singular) you might just find yourselves cheering on as she/he wreaks sexy havoc.

There are bumpy moments. The supporting cast is cluttered with unconvincing characters and the plot, which hinges on ghostly family secrets and a woozy notion of the nature of magic, doesn’t bear scrutiny. But the special effects are great and the notion of keys twisted in the back of your neck unleashing special powers is a beguiling one. Can I have the invisibility one, please?

The Verdict

An easy binge if you’re in the mood for mid-range creepiness. Season one available Friday