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TV review: Luther

Feels like a composite of every psycho-sexual serial murder drama: Idris Elba as Luther PICTURE: BBC/PA



BBC1, 9pm ★★★☆☆

YOU’VE got to love Luther: He must be the only TV cop left who doesn’t know what paraphilia means.

There have been so many murder thrillers driven by the motor of a deeply disturbed villain seemingly powerless to control their abnormal sexual desires that, when dear old Luth had it explained to him — hat-pins and buttocks are not a marriage made in heaven — you felt like he must have been living under a rock.

Then again, Luther is an old-school type of maverick cop. Idris Elba gives his signature character his trademark geezer intensity, and no one’s better at taking a beating, but the story he’s caught up in this time feels like a composite of every psycho-sexual serial killer murder drama (and yes, there are way too many of those).

Fetish masks: Check. Creepy psychotherapist: Check. Hermione Norris abusing a hosepipe: Check. We’ve seen all this before (OK, not Norris with the hosepipe, but you get the idea).

Then, just as I was ready to bid Luther a bruising farewell with a world-weary, so-over-paraphilia shrug, right at the very end of the episode a knock on his door and a cheeky ‘Wotcha!’ had my interest piqued all over again.

Yes, Ruth Wilson’s Alice is back on the scene to shake everyone up. And she’s going blonde: Be afraid, be very afraid.