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TV review: Fortitude

I shot, the sheriff:
Richard Dormer
rocking his furry
hat as the
gun-toting Dan



Sky Atlantic ★★★✩✩

CAST your minds a long way back to when Fortitude first skidded into view. It started out as a kind of Twin Peaks on ice: edgy and a bit bizarre but somewhere, among the forced feeding and industrial-scale chapped lips, the plot made some kind of out-there sense. I had it down as Frozen meets Jurassic Park.

But now, as we’ve reached the final season three — reduced to just four episodes, the victim of frostbite — and it’s gone totally bonkers. It’s now The Shining meets Mortal Kombat, Sheriff Dan (Richard Dormer, a man who knows how to rock a furry hat) seemingly intent on gunning down everyone in sight lest they uncover his big secret. Whatever that is — I was too busy squirming at the sight of Sienna Guillory’s scientist Natalie, her eyes slashed to smithereens.

You’ve got to give it up to a show which has the front to hire Dennis Quaid as a guest star and then simply requires him to roll around drunk in the snow in every scene. If Dennis achieved the upright position in last night’s episode, I must have missed it in the blizzard of dodgy accents snowballing all over the place (you’ve got to love an international co-production).

‘Avalanche of weirdness’: Will anyone get out of Fortitude alive?

It’s as if writer Simon Donald has decided ‘right, we’ve only got four episodes to wrap this up, let’s just hit the audience with an avalanche of weirdness’.

Which is fair enough, given that plot seeds planted beneath the permafrost at the beginning are now being accelerated into an over-heated (or do I mean deep frozen?) vision of an environmental apocalypse.

Though you might miss that in the hail of bullets. My guess is that no one will get out of there alive.