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Tube travel increases risk of coronavirus spreading, docs warn

THE London Underground could be a hotbed for the spread of Covid-19, doctors warn.

It comes after a London woman became the ninth person in the UK to test positive for the deadly virus.

There are concerns the city’s Tube network could accelerate the spread of the virus.

‘In general, if an initial case is in a densely populated area, then the risk of person-to-person transmission is higher,’ Dr Robin Thompson of Oxford University said.

‘This is exacerbated by the fact that London is a transport hub, and the underground could provide a network to spread the virus quickly.

‘As a result, given this case was in London, it might be expected that there is an increased risk posed by this case compared to the others we have seen.’

However, doctors have said the risk of infection for residents remains low.

Dr Michael Head, of the University of Southampton, added: ‘Of the 1,750 tests carried out so far in the UK, more than 99 per cent have come back negative for coronavirus.’

Condoms shortage as locals hit panic button

SALES of condoms have shot through the roof in Singapore as residents fearful of catching Covid-19 put them over their fingers to press lift buttons and open doors.

The island has been placed on orange alert after 47 confirmed cases of the virus.

There have been reports of long queues for essentials, such as rice and toilet paper, at supermarkets, with chemists running out of condoms.

In a nine-minute message broadcast to the nation, prime minister Lee Hsien Loong said: ‘Fear can do more harm than the virus itself.’