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Trends: You cat will be feline better post-lockdown

HAS your cat been a pain during the pandemic? Perhaps they’re stressed by you spending more time in what is, of course, their home, not yours, instead of you going out all day, toiling away to keep them in tuna.

‘A change of routine is one of the most common causes of stress in cats,’ says Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. And pet food brand Webbox has some advice.

After identifying the causes — anything from you being home more often to new pets, babies or different people around the home — the brand says to look out for ‘stress symptoms’ like excessive scratching, particularly on furniture.

‘Your cat may also withdraw, become uninterested in interacting or even become aggressive towards you,’ it says.

Webbox advises trying to create a routine.

‘If you’re working from home or home schooling, try to keep to a timetable each day. Make sure you’re working in the same space so your cat knows where they can get space or comfort from their owners throughout the day. Let your cat outside at the same time each day, as a simple routine will bring great comfort to your pet.’

It also firmly establishes who’s boss here — and let’s be honest, it isn’t you.