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Tour guide made London Bridge terrorist drop blade

Action: Thomas Gray and Stevie Hurst PICTURES: NICK EDWARDS

TWO tour guides were among the heroes who helped to disarm the London Bridge attacker.

Thomas Gray, 24, confronted Usman Khan and stamped on his hand, forcing him to let go of a kitchen knife he was brandishing.

And fellow Small Car Big City worker Stevie Hurst ‘tried to kick’ the terrorist after he was ‘compelled’ to leave his vehicle on Friday.

The pair had been driving tourists around the capital in classic Mini Coopers. They were crossing London Bridge when they saw the knifeman being pinned to the floor and got out of their cars to help.

Mr Gray said: ‘There were three big blokes grappling with another man and had him on the floor.

‘I asked what was going on and someone said the man on the ground had just stabbed two women. I saw that he had two kitchen knives with blades about 8in long, one in each hand. One of the knives appeared to be attached by duct tape.

‘I stamped as hard as I could on his other wrist to make him let go of the knife and as he released it someone else kicked it away. He was saying “get off me” but we told him “no f***ing way is that happening”.’

The police arrived ‘very quickly’, he added, and warned them to move away from Khan.

Meanwhile, Mr Hurst, 32, told BBC Radio 5 that he intervened so the terrorist — who was shot dead by police — ‘wouldn’t harm anyone else’.

‘I felt compelled to jump out of the car and go and see what the situation was’, he said.

‘Everyone was on top of him trying to bundle him to the ground.

‘We saw that the knife was still in his hand, he was covered in blood.

‘I just put a foot in to try and kick him in the head — we were trying to do as much as we could to try and dislodge the knife from his hand so he wouldn’t harm anyone else.’