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Time, Gentleman! Charlie Hunnam to marry long-term girlfriend

Diamond geezer: Charlie with Morgana, and (below) with Gentlemen co-stars Michelle Dockery, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant and Henry Golding PICTURES: REX/GETTY

CHARLIE HUNNAM has finally agreed to make an honest woman out of his patient, long-term girlfriend.

The Gentlemen actor admitted his American lover Morgana McNelis, 36, had to twist his arm to persuade him to walk up the aisle.

And, not sugar-coating his indifference to romance, the 39-year-old British screen star revealed: ‘I’ve been with my girlfriend for 14-and-a-half years… I think?! Thirteen-and-a-half years, maybe? Oh gosh.’

Asked how he felt about marriage, Charlie, who starred in Queer As Folk, replied: ‘Umm, sort of indifferent. She does not feel the same. She is very eager to get married. I’ll do it because it’s important to her but I don’t have any, sort of, great romantic feelings.’

Still going strong after more than a decade with jewellery designer Morgana, Charlie admits he has got off lightly over the years.

Now starring with Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey in gangster flick The Gentlemen, he realises the days of doing as he pleases are numbered as the couple move into the parenting age.

In a candid confession, Charlie continued on America’s SiriusXM: ‘I have an incredibly understanding girlfriend who is requiring more and more as we get older that I figure out a way to balance these things a little better.

‘I’ve gotten off pretty easily so far, with being able to just disappear and be completely selfish and singular in my focus but, if we’re going to start talking about having children and getting married, then I’m going to have to figure out a way to balance that a little bit more effectively.’

…but there’s a sting in the tale regarding his wedding tackle

MEANWHILE Charlie found himself in a real-life nightmare as he ran naked through a wood after being stung under the testicles by a wasp.

It happened during a camping trip last year, when Charlie accidentally kicked a wasps’ nest while collecting wood. He was stung in what he described as a ‘sweet piece of no man’s land between the anus and the scrotum’.

He recalled: ‘I was crouched down picking up firewood and, all of a sudden, wham! Like a snake bite. I was trying to process what could have happened, and bam! Another shrill pain in my ass cheek, then one in the back of my head, and then one under my armpit. I’d kicked over a nest of yellow jackets.’

He stripped naked as he ran in an attempt to get the wasps to leave him alone. Charlie told Jimmy Fallon’s US chat show: ‘I realised at that moment that I was actually inside a recurring nightmare.’