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The House Doctors: Dream on…

2lg Studio, AKA Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe, diagnose your design dilemmas

OUR bedrooms are private spaces. Rooms that no one else needs to see. Perhaps this is why so many people don’t place too much value on them — and don’t even bother to decorate. But we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, so if you live 75 years, that’s 25 years (or 9,125 days) asleep. That’s a lot of time to spend in a room that you haven’t thought about designing. So this week, we want to help you create a dream bedroom — and invest in a good night’s sleep!

We would like a large headboard for our master bedroom in the attic, but access is tough. Help! Pam and David

Lofts can be hard, but not impossible. If access is really tight you may need to go bespoke. Alternatively, how is your DIY? It is not as hard as you may think to make your own headboard — and at a fraction of the cost. Here’s how: Measure out the size of headboard you want and divide it into five pieces. The aim is to make five individual ‘trifle fingers’ (like with the Luca design, see above). Most DIY stores such as B&Q will cut a piece of MDF into pieces for you. You can then order foam to be cut (quick Google for local foam supplier) to fit each of these MDF pieces. We attach the cut foam using a spray glue. Then, cover each of your MDF and foam fingers with your chosen fabric as tightly as possible and secure at the back with a staple gun. We start in one corner and work to the opposite corner. Repeat five times and fix these fingers to the wall directly. We use super-strong Velcro that you can buy on a roll.

I want to create my dream master bedroom, but am not sure where to start. What’s the next big trend? Claire

Don’t follow trends — follow what you love! Design is such a personal thing. A bedroom should be relaxing and calm, a retreat — somewhere you want to be. Start with a colour you love, then add texture and layers. Maybe even the same colour to add interest. We like carpets in bedrooms, or huge rugs that fit all the way under your bed and at least 50cm around it. We also love soft velvet upholstered beds — and you can never have enough pillows. Go for two big square ones, as well as your regular pillows. And make your bed each morning. You’ll appreciate getting into a made bed at the end of a long day, we promise.

My twin boys share a bedroom, but have totally different tastes. Caroline

Avoid themes — so no wall stickers! We suggest focusing on your sons’ favourite colours and use that as a starting point. Take two colours and pick a third one that complements each. So three colours in total. Then go for plain walls, curtains and carpets. Then you can accessorise as they grow up. Don’t be afraid of bold-coloured carpet. You could paint the room pale yellow and have a feature wall for each of your sons in, say, green and red (whichever is their favourite colour), using one of each for the carpets and the blinds/curtains. Bold colours will clash wonderfully and create a vibrant and fun environment for your boys!

Here’s our top statement beds with headboards you’ll love!


The cane and rattan trend (pictured top) isn’t going anywhere and if you love the wooden look and want an update on the classic oak styles, here it is! From £609,


Inspired by Dean Street Townhouse — get that hotel feeling at home. From £2,395,


We couldn’t find the perfect bed for our own master bedroom — so we designed one! Here it is: the LUCA, featuring soft curves and sumptuous velvet. From £1,751,


The Rolls-Royce of beds. Understated, elegant and beautifully hand-crafted, Russell Pinch can do no wrong. Although pricey, this bed is a dream come true. From £3,185 (excl. fabric),