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Ten DIY jobs you can do in a week

1. Comic cuts

Interior style advisor Rebecca Snowden ( says: ‘Transforming something from zero into hero is easy with a little bit of time — and glue. Before you cast aside an old chair, consider turning it into a DIY masterpiece for a children’s room or study. Simply cover the surface of the chair with PVA glue and stick on comic book cut outs, newspaper clippings or pages from a favourite book. When it’s fully covered, add a coat of clear varnish to protect the surface.’

2. Neon pop

Ellie Pike, graffiti designer at home improvement site, says: ‘Change the look of a piece of furniture by switching up the legs. I added a colour pop to a basic Ikea Ivar cabinet in just a few hours with a can of Rust-Oleum Neon spray paint. Remove the legs and spray, then attach them back to the cabinet to create a bold design statement in any room. Choose spray paint over brush paint as it’s quick, easy to use and gives a flawless finish.’

3. Keep it screen

Chris Wilkinson, director of Jo Cowen Architects, says: ‘Installing a timber frame with glass screens is a quick and easy way to create a partition between two rooms, while also allowing for a free-flowing and open space. Each area will benefit from a good flow of light and it will create a visual connection between the two rooms, while ensuring each exists in its own right with a feeling of independent space. Finish it off with a sliding door and you’ve got a really stylish space to work with.’

4. Stroke of genius

A new-look kitchen doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, just the price of a can of paint. Sue Kim, senior colour designer at Valspar says: ‘Before you get started, remove all the kitchen cupboard doors, drawer fronts and all the handles, then lightly sand the surfaces with fine-grade sandpaper. Use a good primer and undercoat to ensure best results. Follow with a paint shade like Valspar’s Hive Delight (pictured), which will help withstand the moisture and splashes of kitchen life. Apply two coats, leaving to dry fully each time.’

5. You’ve been framed

The Window Film Company’s managing director Micky Calcott says: ‘This is a good one for those with half an hour to spare each day. The home is a place of both relaxation and solitude, so when planning the décor you must consider all elements. With the help of decorative films, your windows will not only become an attractive focal point of the room but can also complement the choice of design theme. The films are easy to install in as little as ten minutes, but leave to dry for 24 hours.’

6. Board of carpet

Time to get rid of that grim carpet you inherited when you moved in. ‘See what’s underneath,’ says Graham Nunn ( ‘Pulling up carpets can reveal a lovely boarded floor which can look amazing with treatment. Take up the carpet and underlay and carefully remove any gripper rods. Take your time over sanding, use coarse paper then finer paper. This can be tedious but the more time spent means a more beautiful floor. Oil and wax finishes are more work but easier to repair.’

7. In the mood

Melissa Bolivar is creative director at House Of Sui Sui: ‘A moody gallery wall is an incredible statement as a feature wall going up the stairs. Choose something bold — dark blues, forest greens, charcoal greys, black and aubergine purple work well. The idea is to mix and match different frame sizes and art, from photographs to hand drawings and paintings. For a final touch, choose wall sconces and dot them around.’

8. Colourful cork

Laura McDonald, brand manager at, says: ‘Make your own tessellating hexagon notice board. Start by creating a hexagon template and use it to mark out a design on the back of a sheet of cork. Cut the shapes out with a Stanley knife. On the front of each cork hexagon, mask areas that you do not wish to paint with tape. Take your chosen Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch spray paint and apply several light coats a few minutes apart for full coverage. Once dry, peel off the masking tape. Attach the cork boards to the wall with command strips for a fun, yet functional focal point.’

9. On the tiles

Replacing tiles in your bathroom can be costly and messy so try re-grouting instead. ‘Updating your grout lines can bring instant colour and interest,’ says Alessandra Wareing, head of trend development at Tile Giant: ‘Opt for a contrasting colour to keep your bathroom feeling open and bright.’ Remove the old grout with a grout rake, then wash down the tiles. Mix your new grout then fill all the gaps. Leave to dry and then wipe down.

10. Cover up

Georgina Burnett (above), DIY vlogger for, says: ‘Covering an ugly radiator or gas meter is easier than you think. All you need are two side panels, the top shelf and the front panel with a section cut out to fit a piece of trellis or grille, all screwed together. Don’t forget the support batons on the inside of the front. MDF is fine for inside, but you will need timber or exterior MDF for outside.’ Check out a video tutorial at