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Tech Digest: More news this week

Making the Switch

The SNES may now be considered the greatest video game console of all time but in terms of sales it’s just been pushed off its perch by its much younger sibling, the Switch. This comes following Nintendo’s announcement that it’s shifted more than 52 million units (the SNES sold 49 million). It’s now the company’s third best-selling console behind the Wii and the NES.

Password crackdown

If you’ve read this week’s Connect cover story on biometric security, here’s more password news: the days of using weak default codes like ‘1234’ to secure smart IoT devices are numbered, following a government-enforced shake-up to enforce stricter security standards as part of a crackdown on hacking. People who fail to change default passwords are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Under the new guidelines it’ll be required that all internet-connected devices, such as smart speakers, have a unique password that can’t be reset to any universal factory setting.

Emojis for all

New emojis are smartphone-bound later this year following an announcement from the Unicode Consortium, which is tasked with regulating emoji, that a new set have been given the nod of approval. It’s all about representing a broader range of people, so expect the transgender flag, a gender-neutral Santa, 55 other gender and skin-tone variants and 62 other symbols — there’s even a fondue pot.