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Tearful Hugh’s not taking kids for Granted in his old age

HUGH GRANT has confessed fatherhood has made him more emotional in his ‘old age’.

The Notting Hill and Love Actually actor, 60, was talking about his latest project, Sky Atlantic’s new six-part psychological thriller The Undoing.

He told The Graham Norton Show (above): ‘Having spent a career unable to muster a single emotion, I find in my old age I can’t stop them. It’s something to do with children or love, or my wife, or something, but I can’t keep it at bay.

Cry baby now: Hugh’s grooving PM in 2003’s Love Actually PICTURES: PA/REX

‘I did this job [The Undoing] partly to get away from my young children as they are exhausting at my age.

‘I thought it would be great to have a break but every time I arrived in New York I missed them so badly I was a mess, so every scene was suddenly a cue for tears for me.

‘I’d even go into a cafe and ask for a cup of coffee and the tears would come!’

The dad-of-five stars as Nicole Kidman’s husband in The Undoing.

Grant said of the role: ‘It’s so hard to talk about because there are so many precipices and I don’t want to give anything away.

‘But I can say I’m not the nice husband of Nicole Kidman that I have pretended to be.’

The actor also spoke about having Covid-19 in the early days of the pandemic.

He told Norton: ‘I got it and I was very brave and manly about it! I got it right back at the beginning — I actually didn’t know what it was.

‘It felt like mild flu and then a rather alarming complete loss of smell, which culminated in me sticking my head in dustbins, sniffing, thinking, “There must be something here” and spraying myself in the face with my wife’s Chanel No.5 but smelt nothing.’

The Graham Norton Show is on BBC One tonight at 10.45pm