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TV review: In My Skin

Feisty: Gabrielle Creevy as Bethan


In My Skin

iPlayer ★★★✩✩

HIGH-SCHOOL dramas featuring Geeks getting ghosted by Populars but finding a way to survive their school years are ten a penny but In My Skin, set in a believably grotty Welsh secondary school, does bring some fresh twists to the prom party.

Our heroine is Bethan (Gabrielle Creevy), whose feisty exterior and penchant for telling porkies is the armour she uses as an escape from a home life dominated by her mum’s deteriorating mental condition.

This could make for a bleak scenario and Jo Hartley as Bethan’s mum is unsettlingly convincing as a woman rapidly losing touch with reality. But schoolyard humour — yes, it gets smutty — and Bethan’s indomitable spirit for the most part successfully steer In My Skin away from the maudlin and into something approaching a feel-good comedy.

Writer Kayleigh Llewellyn has a sharp ear for teenage banter and Creevy gives a winning performance as Bethan, a girl who could easily have buckled under the deal life has handed her but instead draws on inner reserves she never knew she had until she’s tested. The punchline at the end of the five episodes stretches credulity just a touch — it wouldn’t have happened at my school — but feel-good endings are what we need right now.