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General Election: So who floats your vote?


BREXIT: Pass the Withdrawal Agreement Bill negotiated with Brussels to leave the EU on January 31, a new trade agreement to be reached by the end of 2020.

ECONOMY: No increases in income tax, National Insurance or VAT. Raise the NI threshold to £9,500 in the first post-election Budget and later to £12,500. Postpone cutting corporation tax.

WORK AND WELFARE: Continue universal credit roll-out. Raise the living wage to £10.50 an hour by 2024 for over-21s.

HEALTH: Spend £20.5billion more on the NHS by 2023-2024. Spend £5billion on social care over five years.

EDUCATION: Give schools an extra £7.1billion each year by 2022-23.

HOUSING: Build 1million homes in the next five years.

CRIME: Recruit 20,000 police officers in England and Wales over the next three years, introduce tougher sentences for violent and sexual offenders.

IMMIGRATION: End freedom of movement and introduce a new points-based immigration system.

TRANSPORT: Invest £28.8billion in road upgrades and £220million in bus services.

ENVIRONMENT: Achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Spend £9.2billion on environmental improvements for homes, schools and hospitals.


BREXIT: Hold a second referendum within six months with a choice between a new deal negotiated by Labour and remaining in the EU.

ECONOMY: Higher income taxes for the top five per cent of earners. Bring rail, mail, water and energy utilities into public ownership.

WORK AND WELFARE: Scrap universal credit, the ‘bedroom tax’ and the two-child benefits limit, and shift to a 32-hour average working week by 2030. Compensate 1950s-born women who lost out on pensions.

HEALTH: Spend an extra £26billion on the NHS each year by 2023-2024, £10.8billion free personal social care for over-65s, increase GP training places from 3,500 to 5,000.

EDUCATION: Abolish university tuition fees, change tax rules for private schools, recruit 20,000 new teachers.

HOUSING: Build 100,000 new council homes by 2024 and end rough sleeping inside five years.

CRIME: Recruit an extra 22,000 police.

IMMIGRATION: Compensate Windrush victims and set no cap on net migration.

TRANSPORT: Complete HS2, build a ‘Crossrail for the North’, restore 3,000 bus routes.

ENVIRONMENT: Aim for net-zero emissions by the 2030s and plant 2billion new trees by 2040.


BREXIT: Revoke Brexit if they form a majority or hold a second referendum and campaign for Remain.

ECONOMY: Invest an extra £130billion in infrastructure. Increase income tax by 1p in the pound to support health spending.

WORK AND WELFARE: Scrap the ‘bedroom tax’, the benefits cap and the work capability assessment.

HEALTH: An extra £26billion each year for the NHS by 2023-2024.

EDUCATION: Boost schools funding by £10.6billion per year by 2024-2025, recruit 20,000 more teachers.

HOUSING: Build an extra 300,000 homes each year by 2024 while ending rough sleeping within five years.

CRIME: Spend £1billion on community policing, recruit 2,000 more prison officers, legalise and regulate cannabis.

IMMIGRATION: End indefinite detention.

TRANSPORT: Go ahead with HS2 and Crossrail 2, freeze rail fares for five years and bring back local bus routes.

ENVIRONMENT: Invest £20billion each year for five years to combat climate change. Cut net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2045.


BREXIT: Ensure Scotland remains in the EU as well as the single market and customs union, backing Remain in a second referendum.

ECONOMY: Invest £2billion in the Scottish economy with a new national investment bank.

WORK AND WELFARE: Campaign to halt universal credit’s roll-out and apply it to under-25s as well.

HEALTH: Pass an NHS Protection Bill preventing it from being used in trade talks.

EDUCATION: Spend £750million on reducing the ‘attainment gap’ between richer and poorer pupils.

HOUSING: Build 50,000 affordable homes by 2021 and end rough sleeping.

CRIME: Call for Scotland to be given devolved control over drug policy.

IMMIGRATION: Urge the government to devolve migration powers to the Scottish Parliament.

TRANSPORT: Lobby the government to devolve Network Rail to the Scottish Parliament.

ENVIRONMENT: Plant 30million trees each year in Scotland by 2025.


BREXIT: A second referendum, with the Greens campaigning to Remain.

ECONOMY: Impose a carbon tax on all oil and gas extraction as well as on aviation, diesel and petrol fuels.

WORK AND WELFARE: Introduce a universal basic income of £89 for all adults, replacing most benefits. Increase the living wage to £12 for all ages.

HEALTH: Spend £6billion each year to increase the NHS budget. Give councils £4.5billion each year for social care.

EDUCATION: Boost funding by £4billion per year, and provide 35 hours each week in free childcare for children aged nine months and older.

HOUSING: Build 100,000 new zero-carbon homes.

CRIME: Cut back on stop-and- search, use more restorative justice schemes.

IMMIGRATION: End indefinite detention of all refugees and minimum income rules for visas.

TRANSPORT: Scrap the HS2 high-speed rail scheme, electrify the entire rail network.

ENVIRONMENT: Spend £100billion a year for a decade on cutting emissions by 2030. Plant 700million trees by 2030.


BREXIT: Hold a second referendum aimed at keeping Britain in the EU.

ECONOMY: Urge the government to devolve powers on air passenger duty, corporation tax and VAT.

WORK AND WELFARE: Abolish the ‘bedroom tax’ and provide 40 hours a week of universal free childcare.

HEALTH: Recruit an extra 5,000 nurses, 1,000 doctors and 100 dentists over the next decade.

EDUCATION: A one-off £300million investment in education.

HOUSING: Build 20,000 ‘green’ social houses.

CRIME: Recruit 1,600 new police officers, boost legal aid funding.

IMMIGRATION: Bring in Wales-specific visas.

TRANSPORT: Improve roads between north and south Wales, electrify all rail networks by 2030.

ENVIRONMENT: Aim to be carbon-neutral by 2030, self-sufficient in renewable energy by 2035.


BREXIT: Leave all EU institutions in a ‘clean break’ and negotiate a free trade deal with the EU by July 1 2020.

ECONOMY: Abolish inheritance tax, the BBC licence fee and VAT on domestic fuel.

WORK AND WELFARE: Bring in welfare reforms within two years.

HEALTH: Protect the NHS from privatisation and expand training for nurses and midwives without degrees.

EDUCATION: Get rid of additional interest on paying back student loans.

HOUSING: Simplify the planning system to make it easier to build on brownfield sites.

CRIME: Increase police officer numbers and expand sentencing ranges for young offenders.

IMMIGRATION: Reduce annual immigration with a points-based system.

TRANSPORT: Scrap the HS2 rail scheme and spend £200billion on regional regeneration.

ENVIRONMENT: Recycle all Britain’s own waste.