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Sixty Seconds with Piers Morgan

■ The TV presenter, 53, on his new serial killer show, arguing on Good Morning Britain and why he’d be a top Bond

What can people expect from your latest serial killer documentary?

It’s me face to face with a serial killer called Alex Henriquez in an American prison. He’s the most accomplished liar I’ve met in my life and I’ve interviewed a few. He’s a fast-talking charmer who lies through his back teeth, and he killed three women.

You’ve made a controversial return to Good Morning Britain. What’s your favourite argument you’ve had on there?

I like arguing with the American gun nuts because they’re so unbelievably stupid. In America 32,000 people a year are killed by guns — here it’s 32. But they see it as part of their culture and think we’re the weird ones for not having guns.

Piers’ foe: Tess Holliday

Didn’t your views on guns finish you off in America?

I’m still on TV quite a lot when I go there but doing a daily show for a network like CNN… it didn’t help having a British guy on, telling them how to live their lives.

You had a row about model Tess Holliday recently…

People like defending the indefensible and ‘virtue signalling’. When a woman is 5ft 3in and weighs 300lb that is not a positive body image, I don’t care what people say. And then putting her on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine with no suggestion that this weight is unhealthy is woefully irresponsible. But you get all these people on Twitter saying: ‘How dare you, you’re fat-shaming.’ I’m not. I’m pointing out that being 5ft 3in and weighing 300lb is morbidly obese and potentially fatal. To glamorise people like that on the covers of magazines as an aspirational thing we should all feel good about is wrong and deluded.

Is there a lot of delusion around?

People love to virtue signal and play the PC card about everything. Recently, having ‘man of the match’ awards for male cricketers was banned. Why? They’re all men who identify as men but someone somewhere was offended so now you have ‘player of the match’. [The England and Wales Cricket Board says the term was made gender-neutral to ensure equality between the men’s and women’s games.]

Have you got more right wing as you’ve got older?

No, I don’t think I’m right wing at all — I’m anti-political correctness as it’s been hijacked by people who are offended by absolutely everything. They all have a self‑righteous belief they’re completely right and anyone who disagrees should be crushed. The world has gone PC nuts.

So what have you got in common with Donald Trump?

We’re both quite good at Twitter, we’re quite outspoken, we say what we think, we’re not easily downtrodden — and I enjoy his company. He’s been a loyal mate. I don’t share the view that he’s the devil.

How often do you hear from Trump?

I’ve interviewed him twice since he’s become president, twice as a candidate and 35 times on CNN. I’ve known him for 12 years. He’s the same guy he’s ever been, only now he’s running the world.

Is Melania a bit chattier behind closed doors?

Melania’s great, she’s very good fun. I had a chat with her on Air Force One a few weeks ago and she’s the same as she’s always been. People like to present an impression that everyone in Trump world hates each other but that’s not my experience at all.

Piers’ pal: Donald Trump

What bits of his politics don’t you agree with?

I agree with what he’s doing with Nato and North Korea, he’s right about the Iranian deal being wrong, he’s got the economy going with some effective tax policies. On the downside there’s the immigration policy where they separated parents from children, which is despicable and I said so. There are things I agree with and things I don’t agree with but his inflammatory rhetoric is part of who he is and some people can’t handle it. They don’t want the president of the United States to speak like him. But there’s an authenticity to Trump which makes him very appealing to just as many people as there are who hate him.

What’s been the biggest mistake you’ve made in your career?

Underestimating my abilities.

Do you have any unfulfilled career ambitions?

I want to be James Bond. I tick the right boxes — I’m reasonably posh, I was born in England, I’m a quiet, steely-eyed dealer of death. They’ve already had one called Pierce Brosnan so it’s not a huge leap to Piers Morgan.

Isn’t the next James Bond going to be a woman?

I’m prepared to identify as a woman to get the role if I have to.

Serial Killer with Piers Morgan is on ITV on Thursday at 9pm. For TV To Go in partnership with ITV see page 31