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Sixty Seconds with Nadia Sawalha

■ The Loose Women presenter, 53, on Baywatch spoofs, the problem with oversharing and how eczema is stressing her out

In your last interview Sixty Seconds interview with Metro you were talking about your struggles with incontinence…

[Laughs] Oh no… you’re joking? Did I really? Now I’m talking to you about eczema. So I really am a broken-down old bag…

We had some great feedback, though!

You know, so many women suffer in silence and it’s so embarrassing. I say it myself, I was a good ambassador for leakages. I’m a professional oversharer but I’m glad I spoke about incontinence and people read about it because there are a lot of things in life as a woman we just can’t talk about.

So tell us about your eczema…

I first had bad eczema when I was 18 and was stressed because I had just split up with my boyfriend. I called it my ‘John rash’. Then I had a very extreme case after my first child was born. It was so bad I had no skin on my hands. Looking back, I was completely overwhelmed and stress caused my eczema to flare up. It still does. My husband Mark sees my fingers and says, ‘What’s worrying you?’ It got worse during menopause, just like every bloody thing does. So I’m talking now about Cetraben Cream because it really does work and so does yoga — even though I hate it nine times out of ten.

Brave: Loose pal Stacey Solomon

You home-school your girls. Is that tough?

My job makes it a lot easier because I am doing a live show so I know exactly what time I will get home. I set up study groups so they learn with other children. It’s really tough and it’s a constant worry but it was a constant worry when they were at school. We are not anti-school — we are just anti-bad school. Stacey Solomon home-educates her kids too.

You’re good mates with Stacey, aren’t you?

Stacey is 28, I’m 53, and yet she teaches me so much about life. She’s super smart, incredibly brave and one of my favourite people. Funnily enough, when we first met, she thought I was a dippy hippy and I thought she was tight-arsed but the beauty of Loose Women is it brings us together with unlikely people. I don’t think Jane Moore and I would have been natural friends but now I know if I phoned Jane at three in the morning she’d race straight over.

You said you’d consider plastic surgery. Is that still the case?

I came back from the studio and Mark said, ‘What’s this about you having a facelift?’ Poor Mark. Friends see the show and text him with what I’ve said. I made some remark but if I imagine myself going into the op, having a general anaesthetic and maybe dying on the table and the children crying for the sake of my new smooth neck, I know I won’t do it. If I was single with no children, I probably would because I’m looking in the mirror right now and it’s not pretty!

You’ve just done a Baywatch spoof called Mumwatch with the other Loose Women.

Yes, 14 of us went on holiday together and stayed in a lovely villa. We were sitting on the beach when we got the idea and we filmed the whole thing on Kaye Adams’s iPad. We bought the Baywatch swimsuits from the local shop and, I have to say, we did get some funny looks when we all turned up on the beach wearing them!

Toxic onesie: Britney Spears

Who have been your favourite Loose Women guests?

We had Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore on the show. They were held up in traffic and they were late but they had no entourage. I just loved them and really wished I had the chance to get to know them better.

Which of your famous guests have impressed your children?

When I danced with Britney Spears it was the most embarrassing thing in the world. A few weeks later, we were all sent onesies with Britney’s Sleepover Group written on them. I drove the girls mad wearing mine but it was quite a cheap material and one evening, when I was cooking in it, I got too close to the cooker and nearly went up in flames. I burned Britney’s onesie, I’m ashamed to say.

Where’s the strangest place you’ve been recognised?

I was standing beside the Iguazu Falls in Argentina with tears streaming down my face and somebody asked for my autograph! But I never say no. I’m not, ‘I’m so gorgeous I could eat myself’. I share a lot of my life and people feel they can connect with me. They’re like, ‘Hi Nads, how’s your kids? How are you feeling? How’s your incontinence and balding hair?’

And now you’re talking about eczema…

Yeah, it’s going to be, ‘how’s the itch?’

For more on Cetraben Cream see Loose Women is on weekdays on ITV.