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Sixty Seconds with Fran Healy

The Travis singer-songwriter and frontman, 46, has turned director for a tour film with a difference

How did Almost Fashionable: A Film About Travis come about?

I had this idea of taking a picture of the band because I think this was a nice moment in our lives and we love each other. We’re still very happily married as four men and I think that’s quite a charming thing.

You also invited Wyndham Wallace, a journalist who hates your music, to Mexico with you. Why?

That makes it a bit more interesting. The story emerged. We got this look at Wyndham and critics and what it is to be a fan and why you like a band and why you don’t like a band.

Were there any tough edits?

Yeah, there were loads of bits we deliberately left out. As soon as you even talk to a band about reviews or reviewers, it doesn’t feel right. So that was one thing: to talk to other people talk about the band and let the band just be themselves, play their songs.

Harsh critic: Wyndham Wallace PICTURES: REX

Did you ask other people’s opinions on the film?

We gave it to about ten different people: people who were fans, people who weren’t fans, my mum and our editor Sarah’s associates, for notes. Some people said, ‘Can we have more songs?’ And I was like, ‘Actually no. No, because it’s not a music documentary.’

What did you learn about yourself from watching all that footage?

That I’ve never, ever, one single second in my whole career got on stage and thought, ‘I f***ing love this,’ you know, like, ‘I love the adoration’. A lot of performers need that validation but it has always felt a bit more like being a postman for me. You’ve got this nice package and take it up to the front door and the door opens and they’re like, ‘Wow!’

That’s really sweet.

I’m an odd type of singer in a band because it’s kind of odd to be so nonplussed about it. And we’re an odd type of band. When you see us on the screen and sitting on the bed together, it’s very touching to see four grown-up men be so affectionate with one another and it not be affected.

Do you have one item of clothing you really cherish?

A pair of boots I’ve worn for five years and that’s my only pair of shoes. I just keep repairing them. The first ones I had got so f***ed that I had to find the exact shoes so I went on a massive internet hunt for them. So I found an exact same pair, I got them, and I’m wearing those and they’ve almost fallen off my feet now as well.

What makes you feel guilty?

When I’ve been impatient with my son. But I always apologise and say, ‘Hey, you know, papa’s been a d***. Sorry.’ But if you’re cross with someone or if something’s made you cross, you transfer. It’s impossible not to when you’re in a family, and I’m always very clear about apologising and saying what it is and why.

Do you ever have really weird dreams?

I once dreamt that Kim Jong-un met my mum and fancied her. It was the weirdest. And in the dream my mum was just like, ‘Oh well’. He took her hand and she was just walking off with him. I don’t know what that means.

What are your pet hates?

I have millions. Any kind of dishonesty is a real turn-off. Maybe it’s a Scottish thing because we’re quite an honest bunch. When I moved to Germany I thought, ‘God, I thought Scottish people were honest!’ The Germans will be like [puts on German accent], ‘You look very fat in that outfit and your head looks very small wearing that shirt. And this album you’ve just brought out is not very good. Much worse than your other one and I didn’t like that one either.’ That’s German.

Dream romance: Kim Jong-un

Do you call people out if they’re lying?

Yeah, I definitely do. People have got this idea that I’m all nice but it’s not all nice. I had a confrontation in that film A Quiet Place. It was in LA and the cinema was full apart from two seats next to me. The person came in ten minutes into the film, sat down with a giant thing of Coca-Cola with ice in it and made slurping noises. In the whole cinema, you could hear a pin drop apart from that guy, who also had one of those big giant things of popcorn. And he was shovelling it into his mouth.

What did you say?

I turned around and very calmly just looked at him, and he looked at me with his hand up at his mouth, popcorn dropping open over his fingers. I looked him in the eye and in an almost psychopathic way went, ‘You’re being very loud.’ And I paused and kept looking at him and then went back to watch the film. The guy started sucking his popcorn, he didn’t munch it any more, and then put it down on the ground. So yeah, it worked.

Almost Fashionable: A Film About Travis is currently on Sky Cinema/Now TV