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Sir David Attenborough keen to convince US president the threat of global warming is real

World view:
Sir David
(left) would
like the
chance to talk
to Donald
Trump (below)
about global
warming PICTURES: AFP/

SIR David Attenborough has said he would like to try to persuade ‘blind’ Donald Trump that climate change is a real threat.

Speaking ahead of the release of his upcoming series Our Planet, the veteran naturalist and TV presenter said it would be ‘cowardly not to take up the challenge’ of convincing the US president, who refused to believe a recent report about global warming.

‘I would certainly take it up and I would think carefully about what I actually said.

‘There’s so many bits of evidence I would use,’ said Sir David.

‘I would be using the increase in the human population for starters, as to where we’re all going to get fed. Where are we going to do it? How do you make the arithmetic work?’

Sir David, whose latest series will be shown on Netflix, added: ‘But I mean what you say to him- in the face of what is visibly happening — the climate of the United States of America — it’s perfectly clear. There are none so blind as those who will not see.’

The presenter has also said that the impact of climate change could be halted and rapidly reversed if there was the political will to enforce environmental measures.

He said: ‘We can put things right. We can put things right tomorrow if we had the will. We could actually impose marine sanctuaries tomorrow, if we had the will.

‘And actually solve the problem of feeding the world for the next few decades, but that’s easier said than done. And the only way it’s going to be done is by getting the world thinking along the same lines.’

Sir David has said his shift to Netflix is not the end of his work with the BBC, adding: ‘The BBC has been my life.’

But in an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos he admitted he was attracted by the streaming giant’s global reach. ‘By putting it on Netflix it becomes possible overnight to reach 150million people immediately,’ he said.

Our Planet, an eight-part series, airs on April 5.