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Rose McGowan: ‘Men won’t **** you if your hair is short’

A cut above:
Long-haired Rose
in 2006 (below), and how
she is today (above) PICTURE: AP

#METOO champ Rose McGowan says she revels in her blonde pixie cut these days because Hollywood bosses once ordered her to grow her hair long — ‘otherwise the men wouldn’t want to f*** me’.

The Charmed actress was sharing further details from the dark world of the casting couch as her nemesis Harvey Weinstein went on trial this week over a string of rape and sexual assault claims.

Rose, 46, explained: ‘I always had short hair growing up. Then when I was in Hollywood, they told me I had to have long hair otherwise the men wouldn’t want to f*** me. If they didn’t want to f*** me, they wouldn’t hire me.’

But the shocking, sexist instruction didn’t come from a man. ‘A woman told me that. It always felt like it was enticing.

‘It’s weird, the longer my hair is, the less powerful I feel. The side-effect I noticed when I shaved my head is that men could hear the words coming out of my mouth for the first time.

‘They couldn’t hear me before. I had not expected that.’

Despite her crusade against toxic masculinity and misogyny, Rose admitted she does sometimes feel sorry for the chaps. She told Hunger magazine: ‘My heart breaks for boys when I see them being moulded into men.

‘If we could get back to understanding that we’re human before we’re a gender, then we could solve a lot of problems.

‘Boys get stolen really early and put in this tight-fitting jacket — “here’s what you can be” and “here’s what you are”.’

The problem is particularly acute in her homeland, she warned. ‘American masculinity is really toxic and really dangerous.

‘It’s dangerous to the world. This idea that America is No.1 and each man there is No.1 and superior — that’s a load of bulls***, everybody knows it.

‘But they continue with this mass conformity and cult-like way of thinking.’

Further comparing masculine attitudes to a cult, Rose added: ‘There’s no difference. It’s just on a bigger scale.

‘Especially now with Trump, he repeats the same things — that’s brainwashing.

‘He instils fear of others in people — that’s brainwashing.’