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‘Pensioner deals crack’ from his old folks’ home

Class A claims: John Gwynne
House in Worcester PICTURE: SWNS.COM

A PENSIONER has turned a retirement complex into a drug den, selling crack cocaine and heroin to supplement his income, fellow residents have alleged.

The man is said to receive regular visits from users buying Class A drugs, some of whom have reportedly been seen openly injecting in the hallways of John Gwynn House in Worcester.

Frightened neighbours have called in the police who are looking into reports from witnesses that addicts have been queuing up outside the alleged dealer’s door from 7am, with up to 15 visitors an hour.

An 80-year-old woman who lives in the Grade II listed building on the banks of the River Severn said: ‘There’s a constant flow of people coming and going, buying drugs. I can tell 90 per cent are drug users from the state of them.’

The woman, who did not want to be named, said: ‘The users sleep in corridors here if they can, with their sleeping bags.

‘One lady took photos of them injecting with spoons and flames. It makes people feel frightened. The police know all about them but nothing happens.’

Another resident, who gave his name as Michael, said he had a ‘pretty good idea’ who the alleged dealer was.

‘He’s been doing it for a while, starting off selling cannabis to friends in order to make a few bob on the side to supplement his pension,’ he said. ‘In the last few months he’s obviously cranked up his operation.

‘I counted 15 people, mostly young, coming and going from his apartment in an hour last month.’

A 62-year-old cleaner who lives in the flats said she had been ‘verbally abused’ by one of the visitors.

She said: ‘I called the guy who lived there afterwards and said, “You need to keep the people who are coming here away from me”. He said, “It will stop soon, I’m just having my arm twisted at the moment”.’

West Mercia Police say they are investigating the claims and urged residents to report any illegal activity immediately.

Christa Ripley, head of housing for Sanctuary Group, said: ‘We are working closely with the police to address issues that have been raised by residents and will assist in any way we can.’