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On Test: Know what side of the e-cig debate you’re on? Consider these four vaping devices


Iqos 3

Iqos uses small cigarettes that the device heats to 300C and, therefore, below the temperature of combustion. When you puff there’s no nasty tar stain left on the filter and you don’t stink like an ashtray. It satisfies the craving far better than liquid vapes do and it really does feel like a modern take on smoking, especially as the carry case doubles as a charging dock — a handy feature seeing that you’re paying so much. And given the price — at a penny short of £100, this is the costliest of all the models we tried — it’s handy that the Iqos 3 is offered on a week-long free trial. £99.99,


Vype iSwitch Maxx

The compact iSwitch is probably the champion of hassle-free vapes. The device has three power settings to tweak the flavour and vapour output, it’s smooth, and the liquids taste great but aren’t overpowering. If fruity flavours aren’t your thing, Vype’s tobacco flavour is enjoyable to inhale and has more of a caramel-like taste compared to others, which are roughly as palatable as licking an ashtray. The only downside is that the cartridges seem to run out quickly and aren’t yet widely available in shops, though they can be bought online £39.99,


Logic Compact

The Logic is more affordable and one of the most inconspicuous vapes you can buy. A combination of decent flavours and a well-thought-out cartridge system mean it’s well worth trying. Magnets hold the cartridge in and you can clearly see how much liquid is left too. The Compact produces a smooth taste and a cigarette-style feeling, plus there’s no button to press — you simply breathe in and a light glows to confirm it’s working. The fruity flavours are the best but the faux tobacco flavour is one to avoid — unless, that is, you like the taste of 1980s pub carpets. £17.50,


Aspire K3

The K3 exists in the vape haze between the more disposable pen types and the absurd-looking big-boy vapes that produce more fog than an Ibiza nightclub. If you want control over the flavour, then the refillable tank means you can mix and match to adjust taste. On the downside you’ll have to mess about buying replacement coils and they need to be changed regularly or you’ll get a burnt taste. You’ll also need to make sure you get the correct liquid — ask at a vape store — but thicker liquids will burn out the coils far quicker £33,