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Office life is so annoying we simply can’t quit moaning

Top gripe: Your phone ringing after you've logged off for the day PICTURE: PA

YOU’RE logged off, all packed up and about to leave the office… then the phone on your desk rings. Aaargh!

If you find that irritating, you’re not alone. It came top in a poll of office workers’ main gripes.

A typical office worker spends the equivalent of two weeks a year grumbling, with 52 per cent saying their whole working day can be ruined by a few bugbears.

Other moans that made the top 50 included embarrassing team-building exercises, smelly colleagues and someone nicking your favourite mug.

Hassle with IT was, of course, high on the list. Along with erratic or non-existent air con and dodgy printers.

There’s so much to moan about it’s a wonder desk jockeys ever get any work done.

But most do nothing about their work worries — with more than two thirds admitting they wouldn’t confront a colleague who was annoying them. Another six in ten would never say anything about their ‘ridiculous workload’.

The poll was commissioned by animal charity SPANA, which provides free veterinary treatment to working animals in developing countries.

Chief executive Geoffrey Dennis said: ‘It can be hard to keep a sense of perspective at times. But most office irritations are very minor compared to the tough lives of animals doing back-breaking, dangerous work with little rest. They desperately need our support.’

Top 20 grumbles

1. Getting a phone call when you’re about to leave the office

2. Slow computers

3. IT issues

4. Office too hot/cold

5. No air con

6. Computers crashing

7. Printers jamming

8. Difficult colleagues

9. People using your desk and leaving it in a mess

10. Freezing cold air con

11. Working in lovely weather

12. Meetings about meetings

13. People not replying to emails

14. People pretending to be sick

15. Being copied into emails that are of no concern

16. Colleagues who suck up to the boss

17. Colleagues who talk too much

18. People who complain about being busy

19. People not saying thank you

20. The commute