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Noisy ‘gangland gulls’ causing chaos at school

Nuisance: The birds are nesting at Vale School in Guernsey

A COLONY of ‘gangland gulls’ has been causing chaos after they congregated in their hundreds at a school.

Residents around the site of Vale School in Guernsey say their lives are being ruined by the growing number of seagulls that have claimed the territory.

The noise is so loud that some claim they struggle to sleep at night.

The issue has reportedly been getting worse for several years but following the recent closure of a landfill site the number of gulls has increased rapidly and become unbearable.

Local Tracey Henry said: ‘It’s particularly bad between 4am and 6.30am. It is almost constant throughout the day but at that time of the morning it is so difficult to sleep.

‘It’s been going on for about five years, but it has recently just got worse and worse — 30 to 40 at a time, squawking away.

‘We’ve taken videos and put them online, you would not believe the sound. People at work told me to turn it off, it was so loud.’

Tracey said she and her partner John Henry had contacted their education department and for some time it did not acknowledge the problem but was finally taking action.

John said: ‘There have been four nests removed now and I believe they are waiting on equipment to prevent further nesting.’

Despite this the couple say that since the nests have been removed the gulls have actually got worse.

Resident Maureen de Jong added: ‘Obviously the cars get covered in mess if you live around here, it’s a real nightmare.

Had enough: Residents John and Tracey Henry who live near the site where the seagulls are congregating in their hundreds PICTURES: SWNS

‘Sometimes the noise is just so loud I am glad I don’t sleep at the back of my house. Then you get a windy day like this and they disappear, but they will be back.’

Residents are now calling for a ‘hawk’ deterrent to keep the menacing birds away — a model of a bird of prey attached to the ground by a flexible rod which moves on the wind and makes gulls wary of landing.