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Nick Jonas has just released a new solo single

Who’s your new single Find You about?

It’s about me — my desire to look for love and also my optimism about being alone. In no way does it feel sad for me. It’s all about self-discovery and the hope to find someone else, which a lot of people can relate to.

Is it hard to find the right person with your fame?

There are challenges with finding love in any situation. I’m 25 and, in some ways, way more aware of who I am as a person — but in other ways I feel more lost. I’m trying to figure it out. The qualities I look for are honesty and I’m always around a big bunch of people, whether it’s my touring team or cast members, so someone who gels with that is important.

Is life as complicated as it was last year?

I’d say less complicated, for sure! Although there are challenges, I have a great home in Los Angeles with my brother Joe and having that support system at home is nice. I have two beautiful nieces that I love and life has become about a lot more than just work, which is important.

Flatmate: Nick’s brother Joe

Has becoming an uncle made you want kids yourself?

I’ve always said I want to be a father some day but I’m aware of the timeline! It will be a while before that happens and for now my nieces are perfect.

How easy is it to straddle the acting and music worlds?

It’s not that easy! I’m in a spot where, 13, 14 years in to my career, there are still people who come to my shows and buy my music — I don’t take it for granted. I was spoilt at an early age because I did theatre — I was acting, singing and dancing all in one space. So this new phase where I’m balancing the acting and singing has been nice.

You’re in Jumanji, which is out in December. How excited were you to join the cast?

I was such a big fan of the original and finding out who was in the film was the icing on the cake. It was a really incredible experience to work with people like Dwayne [Johnson], Kevin [Hart] and Jack [Black], so I was trying to learn as much as I could. We shot it in Hawaii for almost three months.We had too much fun at times!

You have a lot of friends in the industry. Does that help?

It definitely helps if people understand the lifestyle and what it takes to be successful. It often means not being home for long stretches of time. Knowing someone like Demi [Levato] and my brothers makes going through some of this a little easier. The biggest thing has been getting used to being isolated on set in different places.

Funny guy: Nick loves comedian Woody Allen

Selena Gomez said recently that fame can be lonely. Can you relate to that?

I felt that at times but for the most part I’m lucky I’ve had the same friends for most of my life and my parents are really close. I also prioritise those relationships. It’s about finding the balance.

Were you in touch with Selena when she had her kidney transplant?

I wasn’t but I’m thrilled for her and obviously the strength she’s had over the last couple of years has been incredible to watch. She’s a very strong person. It’s beautiful and great to see that friendship [with her donor Francia Raisa] — it’s inspiring.

Are you keen to dispel the clean image you had in the past?

It’s really just being authentic to who I am. It’s about being centred and not trying to show a different side. When you force growth and who you’ve become down people’s throats, it feels inauthentic. I’ve chosen over the last couple of years to just live my life and not feel a need to educate people as to who I am today.

How do you stay in shape?

I try to work out three to four times a week. I care about staying in shape and, for the acting, it’s an important part of my job. I also like the way I feel when I’m prioritising health and wellness. I miss days, like everyone, and some days I eat pizza and drink beers. My biggest vice is probably smoking cigars and I enjoy a drink from time to time!

What ambitions do you have?

I try to take things one step at a time. Any time I try to plan too far ahead, life surprises me. So I just stay open to make plans but also ready to let whatever comes bring exciting things. I’d love to work with Tom Cruise and I’m a big Woody Allen fan.

Nick Jonas’s single Find You is out now