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News quiz of the week

Test your knowledge of recent events…

1. Unpublished, private images of which famous nurse are going on display in London?

2. Which airline said it would axe more than one in three of its flight routes this winter due to low demand amid coronavirus travel restrictions across Europe?

3. Which homewares store said it would hand back £14.5million it claimed under the Government’s furlough scheme after strong financial performance?

4. On Thursday, the Queen carried out her first public engagement outside of a royal residence since the coronavirus outbreak began. But what was she criticised for not wearing?

5. Support for Scottish independence has reached a record high — what percentage was in favour in the latest poll?

6. Which restaurant chain has announced plans to cut more than 300 jobs and 26 sites despite being saved from administration?

7. A makeshift sauna has been set up at an RSPCA centre near King’s Lynn in Norfolk to help tackle breathing problems for what creature?

8. A Renault Clio ended up across the tracks at which Scottish railway station on Wednesday afternoon?

9. Pubs in Tier 3 coronavirus lockdown areas can only stay open if they serve what with drinks?

10. Which English city has avoided the toughest level of coronavirus restrictions despite having the highest infection rate for five days running?

11. Skygazers may get a glimpse of which planet when it and the sun are on directly opposite sides of Earth overnight on Tuesday?

12. Which celebrity couple have welcomed a new son who they have named Blake?

And those all important answers…

1. Florence Nightingale

2. Ryanair

3. Dunelm

4. A face covering

5. 58%

6. Gourmet Burger Kitchen

7. Seals

8. Stirling

9. A substantial meal

10. Nottingham

11. Mars

12. Rochelle and Marvin Humes