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News quiz of the week

Test your knowledge of recent events…

1. Which footballer wrote an open letter to the government asking for an extension to the free school meal voucher scheme through the summer holidays?

2. More than 10,000 people have signed a petition to protect which creature in Scotland, amid fears their numbers are under threat from gamekeepers?

3. What has singer Liam Payne thanked fans for ‘putting up’ with, in an Instagram post to mark 10 years since his X Factor audition, which led to him joining One Direction?

4. Who has been appointed the new UK ambassador to China, beginning the role in September?

5. What is the name of the cheap steroid which has been hailed as a ‘major breakthrough’ in the fight against Covid-19 after it was found to reduce deaths by up to a third among patients suffering the worst effects of the virus?

6. Which popular bakery chain is reopened around 800 stores to customers for takeaways yesterday?

7. Which government department is being merged with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office?

8. Next year’s Oscars have been pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic. On what date will the ceremony now take place?

9. According to West of England mayor Tim Bowles, how many extra passengers could a bus take if the two-metre social distancing rule was cut in half?

10. A family in Ipswich has been crowned Britain’s funniest by which children’s publication?

11. The crew of the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier has discovered a stowaway creature in the ship’s hangar — what is it?

12. UEFA has confirmed the latter stages of the Champions League will take place in Lisbon — but in which city was the final originally due to played in?



And those all important answers…

1. Marcus Rashford

2. Mountain hares

3. His ‘awful haircuts’

4. Caroline Wilson

5. Dexamethasone

6. Greggs

7. The Department for International Development

8. April 25, 2021

9. One

10. The Beano

11. A pigeon

12. Istanbul