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News quiz of the week

Test your knowledge of recent events…

1. Why did Italian politician Matteo Salvini decide to stop eating Nutella?

2. Which car firm is set to bring at least 600 jobs to Wales after opening a new factory?

3. Which form of renewable energy set a record for power produced in Britain last weekend?

4. What did Boris Johnson take from a reporter when he was challenged over the NHS?

5. What alteration was made to a Banksy artwork of reindeer in Birmingham?

6. How much did Britain’s new aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales cost to build?

7. Who was named Person Of The Year by Time magazine?

8. What is the only thing £1million lottery winner Terry Falgate has spent his windfall on so far?

9. A signed first edition of Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets was bought on Amazon for 1p plus postage. How much did it sell for at auction?

10. English Heritage believes it has found the earliest family photo of Stonehenge. When was it taken?

11. Which American rock guitarist is wrongly blamed for introducing parakeets to Britain in the 1960s?

12. What 120-year-old Christmas-themed item given to a sailor in the Boer War is going on display at the National Museum of the Royal Navy?

   And those all important answers…

1. It uses Turkish nuts rather than Italian

2. Aston Martin

3. Wind

4. His phone

5. Red noses

6. £3.1billion

7. Greta Thunberg

8. A vacuum cleaner

9. £2,300

10. 1875

11. Jimi Hendrix

12. A Christmas pudding