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News in brief: No mooring… just mooning


A CAMBRIDGE university student poses in front of King’s College Chapel for a best bum competition. The winner of the contest, run by the Cambridge edition of student magazine The Tab, will be revealed this weekend.

Final warning for PC caught in an embrace

A POLICE officer has avoided the sack after displaying ‘physical intimacy’ with his girlfriend in full uniform and striking up a relationship with a crime victim. PC Darren Kimberley was seen embracing his girlfriend last year by a passer-by. Panel chair Craig Hassell told a hearing: ‘There was hand-holding and kissing.’ The panel heard the South Yorkshire officer, of Sheffield, also had an ‘emotional affair’ with a theft victim after taking her statement in 2015. The pair ‘kissed and cuddled’, and she gave him up to £600. PC Kimberley was given a final warning for gross misconduct.


Into the Batcave! Extreme explorers’ sticky moment


A TEAM of extreme explorers have a good reason to tread carefully as they investigate caves filled with giant stalagmites in north-western Turkey. This awesome shaft in Eskisehir is also host to a vast colony of bats… and that means a lot of guano caking the rocks. Photographer Erturul Kulaksizoglu, 35, said the work was ‘very important for science as caves are rarely studied in such depth’.

News agency crippled by ‘professional’ cyber attack

DENMARK’S biggest news agency was expected to remain offline at least until today after it was targeted by hackers. Ritzau has rejected a ransom demand to release locked data but chief executive Lars Vesterloekke could not say how big it was because those behind the ‘professional attack’ had left ‘a file with a message’ the agency didn’t open on advice. Ritzau, which delivers text and photos, has transferred its distribution to six live blogs.

Gay troops to receive £2,600 discrimination payout

GERMANY plans to compensate gay service personnel who faced discrimination before a change of policy 20 years ago. The decision could see about 1,000 people receive more than £2,600 each and any military court judgements made against them will be quashed. A defence ministry report found ‘systematic discrimination’ in West Germany’s military from 1955 and up to 2000 after reunification. The cabinet’s plan is awaiting parliamentary approval.

Lam claims security law has ‘freed’ Hong Kong

HONG KONG leader Carrie Lam has praised the new national security law as ‘remarkably effective in restoring stability’. Beijing imposed the clampdown on the semi-autonomous Chinese territory in June, following months of anti-government protests that have at times erupted in violence. Despite claims that it is severely narrowing the space for free speech and political opposition, Ms Lam said: ‘Hong Kong people can once again enjoy their basic rights and freedoms, according to the law.’

Space calling Houston… worms have a problem!

A MAJOR barrier to interplanetary travel has been discovered following a study of worms on the International Space Station. The experiment, devised by British scientists, revealed the harmful effect of zero gravity on cells in the creatures’ nervous systems, know as neurones. Study author Dr Tim Etheridge, of the University of Exeter, told iScience journal: ‘We identified a clear pattern of genetic change, which might help explain why the (human) body reacts badly to space flight.’

Arrest after car driven into Merkel’s building

A CAR daubed in anti-globalisation slogans crashed into the front gate of the building housing German leader Angela Merkel yesterday. A 54-year-old man was arrested outside the chancellery in central Berlin and received treatment in an ambulance, police said. The metal gate to the building was slightly bent. There was little sign of damage on the car. Scrawled in white paint on its sides were the slogans, ‘You damned murderers of children and old people’, and ‘stop the globalisation policies’.


■ A LOLLIPOP lady is to retire next month after crossing the road nearly a million times, always in high heels. Sharon Malcolm, 56, has patrolled Chamberlayne Road in Eastleigh, Hampshire, since 1990. ‘I find heels more comfortable,’ she said.

■ A SEARCH has been launched for designers and architects to help conserve London’s historic Highgate Cemetery, resting place of Karl Marx. Self-seeded trees have damaged tombs and deluges have eroded gravel paths.

■ AN ATTACK on a Sikh schoolboy which was filmed by witnesses is being treated as a hate crime, said police, who have ‘identified’ the students involved. Charlton School in Telford, Shropshire, is ‘working closely with the Sikh community’ over the incident on November 13.

■ ANIMAL rescuers were sent to save a falcon trapped in netting, only to find it was a plastic model. Kevin Beausire, from the GSPCA on Guernsey, said he soon noticed the dummy had ‘no feathers’. It was being used to scare off birds.

■ SOME 55million unused phones are gathering dust across the UK, estimated a giffgaff poll of 2,300 adults. Londoners are the biggest hoarders — more than two phones per household — followed by those in Birmingham and Cambridge.