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‘Neo-Nazi’ couple named their baby after Hitler

Mother: Claudia Patatas was given the pseudonym Sigrun, after the Norse goddess with power over life and death on the battlefield PICTURE: SWNS

A COUPLE who were members of banned neo-Nazi terror group National Action named their baby son after Adolf Hitler, a court heard.

Jurors heard that Claudia Patatas, 38, and Adam Thomas, 22, gave their child the middle name Adolf when he was born late last year.

The court was also shown a picture of a ‘vehement Nazi’ posing with the tot holding a swastika flag and making a Hitler salute above the child’s head.

The pair, of Waltham Gardens, Banbury, Oxfordshire, are charged with membership of National Action along with Daniel Bogunovic, 27, of Crown Hills Rise, Leicester.

Thomas is also charged with possessing documents containing terrorist information.

National Action formed in 2013, but was banned following the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox in June 2016.

Despite being outlawed, the group carried out a ‘white holy war’ to uphold white supremacist values around the country, Birmingham Crown Court heard.

Members carried out ‘stickering raids’ at universities around the UK, held demonstrations and posted material online supporting Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan.

Thomas also owned a copy of The Anarchist Cookbook, which contains instructions on making explosives, the court heard.

Prosecutor Barnaby Jameson QC said: ‘This case is about a specific type of terror. It is a terror fuelled by hatred and division. It is a terror born out of fanatical and tribal belief in white supremacy. It is a terror that regards anyone who falls outside a cult of violent white racial supremacy as sub-human.

‘Those that fall into the “sub-human” category are primarily blacks, Jews and Asians. Others include gays, communists and feminists.

‘The cult had particular venom for female Labour MPs perceived as sympathetic to immigrants.

‘It is a terror that can be summarised in two words: White Jihad — a white holy war.’

Mr Jameson went on: ‘It is a world beyond casual racist abuse. It is a world of banner-carrying paramilitaries aping Hitler’s SS. It is a world of swastikas and the burning crosses of the Ku Klux Klan, aka the KKK.’

He told the court that the group had shown an interest in weaponry such as ‘shotguns, assault rifles, knives, ice-picks, crossbows, longbows.’

‘Two of the accused, Bogunovic and Thomas, had a particular interest in acquiring or owning machetes,’ he said.

‘You will hear about the instructions on making explosive devices — a variety of bombs — found on the computer of the second defendant, Thomas.’

Mr Jameson said National Action rebranded time and time again to continue its operations ‘in the shadows’.

‘It put on disguise after disguise — whether re-branding itself Vanguard, the Thule Combat League or The Triple K Mafia or the Soldiers of Moonman,’ he said.

Speaking about the child, Mr Jameson said, given the backgrounds of Thomas and Patatas, his birth name had ‘significance’.

‘The child’s full name cannot be given for legal reasons,’ he said. ‘However, the Crown can tell you that one of his middle names was Adolf.

‘Given that the child was born almost a year after National Action was banned, you may think the use of the name Adolf — even as a middle name — was of significance.’

The court heard that Patatas — who is on bail and arrived at court wearing an electronic tag on her ankle — was given the online pseudonym Sigrun, after the Norse goddess ‘who could choose who would live or die in battle’.

Tagged: Patatas has been allowed bail on condition that she wears an ankle tracker

The jury saw a photograph of another National Action member, Darren Fletcher, posing with Patatas and Thomas’ baby while holding a Nazi flag and making the Hitler salute.

Mr Jameson said: ‘Fletcher was a vehement Nazi. In 2014 he went on stage at an extreme right event dressed in KKK robes hanging a golliwog from a noose.

‘He placed the footage on YouTube. That stunt earned him a conviction for stirring up racial hatred.’

The court also heard how the defendants were in close contact with other key members of National Action: ‘intelligent, charismatic and obsessive’ Alexander Deakin, 23, and ‘extremist’s extremist’ Mikko Vehvilainen, 33.

Mr Jameson said: ‘Images of Vehvilainen’s cache of high calibre assault weapons, blades and picks were found on the mobiles of Thomas and Patatas.

‘National Action is, as you will hear, a group of vehement neo-Nazis, glorifying Hitler and the Third Reich.

‘Their logo is based on the Nazi era Sturmableilung — SA — the paramilitary Storm Section of the Nazi party.

‘Openly and aggressively Nazi, National Action is anti-black, anti-Semitic, anti-Islamic and anti-gay.’

The trial, which is expected to last four weeks, continues.