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My Tech: Storm Huntley

■ The Jeremy Vine show co-presenter, 32, on squatter technology and the downside of an iPad-equipped cot

You do live TV — have you ever had any big on air technical problems?

I have to read viewer comments off a tablet. Occasionally it runs out of battery or freezes. It’s easily solved by charging it or turning it off and on, but you don’t have time when you’re on live TV and struggling to remember what the comment was. But so far there’s been no major mishaps.

You’ve also just done a documentary about squatters — did you see much tech in use there?

The squatters collect tech that’s been thrown away, so things that aren’t working to their full capabilities. They had a big flat screen TV in one squat, but the black colour on screen showed up as red.

Who are your favourite people to follow on social media?

All the news channels and I like ‘You Had One Job’ and ‘Shower Thoughts’, which are a collection of thoughts about how little things in daily life don’t work as they should do.

Has any of the tech covered on the Jeremy Vine Show left an impression on you?

The cot with an iPad dock in it. For me that’s a step too far. We spoke to the creators and their defence was they don’t sell the iPad with the cot — you have to buy it separately. I’m all for tech but when it comes to small children you can’t beat human interaction. We covered one of the tech conferences in Las Vegas and I was very impressed with the suitcase that follows you around.

Nifty: A self-driving case

Do you use any health tech?

I get up at 5am every day for the Jeremy Vine show so I use a dawn simulator. It lights up half an hour before I have to get up, and it gets brighter and brighter, and the radio comes on slowly so you don’t get that jarring alarm noise. It’s a nice way to wake up.

Do you use any beauty gadgets?

Flash gnashers: A Philips toothbrush

I have a Phillips exfoliating brush that I use occasionally and a Phillips electric toothbrush. And Babylis heated rollers and GHD straighteners.

You beauty: Babyliss rollers

What’s been your most disappointing tech purchase?

I bought a Magimix for my kitchen, which takes up a lot of space — I’ve had mine for two years but I’ve never used it. It seems an awful lot of work to get it out, attach all the bits, read the instructions and figure out how to use it. So it’s still in the cupboard.

Storm Huntley can be seen on the Jeremy Vine show each weekday on Channel 5. Her documentary Squatters Next Door is on March 25 on Channel 5 and