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My Tech: Sonique

Track record:
Sonique likes
to play uplifting
happy trance

■ The singer and DJ talks about Mars exploration, the perfect headphones for flights and using an app to see the doctor

What equipment did you start DJing with?

Technics 1200s. I started DJing in 1991. I was in S’Express with Mark Moore and he gave me them with my first mixer — a Roclab MRT60. I still have it. I sang on the second S’Express album, Intercourse, which wasn’t as successful as the first. Then Mark didn’t want to do any more travelling, he’d had enough, and I went straight into DJing — so thank God I still had a job. I’ve never really deviated in what I play, which is uplifting happy trance.

What do you use now?

I’m a Pioneer girl now and use USBs. I use Pioneer CDJs with rekordbox and a Pioneer mixer. When I’m DJing I use Technics headphones. When I’m travelling I use Sennheiser PXC 550 wireless noise-cancelling headphones. They’re perfect for travelling on planes.

DJ duo: Sonique sang on the second S’Express album with Mark Moore

Do you use any beauty gadgets?

I did light therapy for a while — the one I used was a handheld device like a shaver and you’d put cream on your face and go over it with this device, which used different types of light. Red light was supposed to be for stimulating, green was for acne and so on. I think I saw some improvement but I’ll start using something then get bored of it.

Do you use any fitness gadgets?

I used those electric pads for your abs that Ronaldo advertised but they gave me a headache. I’m a bit gullible but I think I got results. You have to use it while you walk the dog for three miles. You can’t just put it on and sit on the sofa eating a pizza and milkshake and expect it to work.

In a spin: Technics 1200

You had cancer ten years ago. Would you use an in-app doctor or do you prefer to see someone in person?

I’d use an app doctor just because it’s more convenient and I don’t want to sit in a waiting room with people coughing over me. Some of my friends have been waiting six weeks to see a doctor. You can’t let someone who is already ill wait six weeks to see a doctor — are you waiting for them to die? So if apps can help people get treated quicker, I’m all for that. Having said that, you still need to have a doctor — you need that personal touch.

Driven by speed: The Jaguar F-Type

Should we invest more in space exploration? Would you want to go to Mars?

I’d go to Mars in a heartbeat but we need to get it right here first. Let’s not spread our badness everywhere. I’d go to see what’s out there but I’d come back home.

Are you excited about electric cars?

I just bought a Jaguar F-Type. Electric cars take two hours to charge — can you imagine if I’m on the way to a gig and I’ve got to stop off for two hours to wait for my car to charge? But we do need to start cleaning up the air and make the world better. I really wanted to buy an electric car but I drive to gigs in Marbella and Ibiza — if I’m going across Europe I don’t know if they’ll have charging points everywhere. Every petrol station on the planet needs a charging point and when that happens I’ll buy an electric car.

Sonique appears at Legends In The Park in Birmingham on July 28,