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My Tech: Ryan Hennessy

The Picture This singer, 24, tells us about being obsessed with Grand Theft Auto and using bread as a kick drum

What equipment do you use most in the studio?

The Antelope Audio Zen Studio. It’s a small piece of kit and it all goes through that. I also use the Neumann TLM 103 microphone, which has a lot of body to it. We used some audio recorded on voice notes on our phones and there’s a song on the album that features a sample of me banging a loaf of bread against a wall, which was used as a kick drum.

Have you had any big technical problems on stage?

My microphone ran out of battery in front of 1,500 people in Dublin. Our front-of-house engineer ran from the desk to the stage to change the battery.

What do you listen to music on?

In the studio we use Genelec 1081s, which are discontinued. They’re amazing speakers and we had to find a second-hand pair on the internet. My set-up at home is quite basic as I’m always on tour. I want to set up a proper listening suite just for listening to music. Sitting down specifically to listen to music makes you appreciate it in a different way.

Nimble: Antelope Audio Zen Studio

The album is MDRN LV — are you a fan of dating apps?

I used Tinder when it was popular around five years ago. Everyone around me used it and I did it too so I didn’t feel left out. That’s what modern love is, it’s the way people meet each other now. It’s not feasible for me to use a dating app now given the position I’m in.

Tips for taking a good selfie?

Natural light is probably better but indoors always use the flash. Always having a good stream of photos up on social media has become a massive part of the music industry.

Do you feel pressure to make out that you’re always having a great time on social media?

I’m doing something I love and it’s easy to capture those moments because every day is exciting. A lot of people feel like they’re under pressure to convey to their friends that their lives are a lot better than they actually are and that’s quite damaging.

Flyaway: A drone

Are you a gamer?

We all bought PS4s in the band at the same time. We play loads of Fifa on the tour bus. We all got Grand Theft Auto and played it at the same time. We were all running around in this endless virtual city until 5am every morning — we had to end that pretty quickly or we wouldn’t have finished the album.

Did any gadgets make an impression on you growing up?

I went from tape to CD to MP3 as a kid. I was really interested in how to record sound. My brother had a MiniDisc player and if you plugged the headphones into the microphone jack it could record. It was terrible quality but you could hear your voice.

What’s been your most disappointing gadget purchase?

A £20 drone from a market. I got it out of the box and the throttle button got stuck. It kept going, disappeared into the sky and I never saw it again. I had it for five minutes.

MDRN LV is out now