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My tech: Pandora Christie

■ The Presenter and DJ, 34, talks radio fails and her pointless Apple Watch

What gadgets made an impression on you when you were younger?

The SodaStream. I always wanted one when I was a kid but my mum wasn’t having any of it — she thought it was a waste of money. I had to use my friend’s instead.

How difficult is it to work the desk at Kiss radio?

We’ve recently changed [media platforms] from Dalet to Zetta to play out. They’re very different systems. With Zetta there’s a big green button that says ‘next’ so it looks quite simple. You need to put stop breaks on it, then you put your mic up and you do your link. I put a break in the wrong place without realising it and I went off-air. I had engineers on the phone saying I was off-air. They were saying ‘push the green button, push the green button’ but I just froze. It couldn’t be simpler — it’s a green button saying ‘next song’.

Tech choices: Apple Watch, SodaStream (below) and BeGlow by Pura (bottom)

Did you get told off?

Of course I did. That’s the worst thing you can do. It’s worse than swearing. With swearing you can apologise but when you go off-air that’s down to your own incompetence. I was only off-air for around four seconds but that’s a lifetime in radio. I won’t be doing that again.

You also host Q Live. Why are quiz apps so popular?

We all want free money. The apps are free and you can win money. It’s better than playing the lottery — you have more chance of winning.

What are your tips to win?

Play with your friends. When you can’t get an answer, get your friends to suggest an answer. When I’m not working on it I play with five friends who have the app as well.

Do you use any beauty gadgets?

The BeGlow by Pura. It’s a sonic facial cleanser. I don’t drink as much water as people say you should so little gadgets like this help out. It gives you a massage and cleans out the impurities.

Do you use any travel gadgets?

The iPhone fan — it’s a small fan you plug into your phone. I’ve used it on the Tube and on planes. I don’t worry about the battery — I’ve got an iMuto ultra high capacity charger. Don’t try getting a cheap charger. My sister has one that’s shaped like a unicorn that takes her phone from three per cent to six per cent. It looks great but there’s no point to it. Mine will fully charge the phone three times over.

What’s on your tech wish list?

Something that would show you what a new haircut would look like. I know there are apps that show you hair colours and make-up but I haven’t seen one for haircuts. I was thinking of getting a pink bob this summer but I’d want to see if it would suit my face first.

What are your tips for getting the perfect Instagram shot?

It’s all about the lighting. If you’re going out and you want that Instagram shot, don’t rush it. You won’t use it and it will be a waste of time. I try to use natural light for selfies. The studio at Kiss is quite dark so I make people get their torches out on their phones, shine them at me, and I get in position.

What has been your most disappointing tech purchase?

The Apple Watch. I always have my phone with me anyway so I don’t need it. At no point will I be texting from or scrolling through my watch so I just don’t use it. I also like things that are pink and sparkly, and it doesn’t suit what I wear.

Christie presents Q Live at 8pm and is on Kiss from 10am to 1pm every weekday