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My Tech: Michael Clifford

Rock and role play:
The guitarist
is a keen gamer

The 5 Seconds Of Summer star tells us about his World Of Warcraft lies and skinny guitar

What kind of kit do you use in the studio?

Kempers, which are virtual amps. We also use Pro Tools and used a lot of synthesizers with our latest album.

What are your favourite guitars?

My favourite is the Gibson Melody Maker, Joan Jett Custom. The Joan Jett ones are much thinner than the normal Melody Maker. I wanted a thin guitar so I could jump around easily. I used to use the MXR Phase 90 pedal — it just has one knob on it to turn it on and off — then swapped to a Roland Multi-Effects pedal, which has loads of channels.

Have you had any technical problems on stage?

We did a gig in Mexico City to around 1,500 people, and the fans were jumping up and down so much they must have ripped a cable. Halfway through a song the entire PA cut out and we had to wait for the cable to be repatched. That was 15 minutes of awkward silence.

Favourites: (clockwise from top) Razer’s three-monitor laptop; the Roland Multi- Effects pedal; and the MXR Phase 90 pedal

What would be your money-no-object tech purchase?

Gaming brand Razer has a three-monitor laptop set-up coming out. I’m a massive PC gamer on the road so I’d like that.

What do you play?

I’m playing World Of Warcraft again and a ton of Fortnite, like everyone else in the world. I got nine wins in a row. Just learn to build. That’s all you need to know.

How are you doing with World Of Warcraft?

Pretty good. I’ve played it since I was eight. I still have the same character. I played it during Burning Crusade. He was max level then and now he’s level 110.

Cutting edge: Clifford has played War Of Warcraft since he was eight

What were you doing on it when you were eight?

I joined a clan but then they said that if I wanted to stay I’d have to get a microphone and talk. I didn’t want to because I didn’t want them all to know I was only eight, so I got my dad to use a headset and say what I told him to so they’d think I was a 40-year-old guy. They found out but let me stay because I was really good and carried the team.

Did you have a favourite game when you were younger?

Final Fantasy X was awesome and I really connected with the main character, Tidus. It taught me a lot about storytelling, which translated over to my music career.

A bond: Tidus from Final Fantasy X

Are you worried about AI ruining the world?

If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen — what can you do it about it? I think I’d fit in with the robots. I like a Japanese YouTuber called Kizuna AI. It’s all motion-capture stuff of her pretending to be a robot. I love Japanese culture for pushing boundaries like that.

5 Seconds Of Summer’s album Youngblood is out now. The Meet You There Tour hits the UK in October