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My Tech: Marvin Humes

Vision: Humes – don’t get him started on HDTV…

The JLSer turned presenter and DJ, 33, on sound systems, his kids taking over his Alexa and cushions

What tech do you use the most in the studio?

I use ProTools, used to use Cubase and am obsessed with Splice — it’s software that has thousands of loops and samples.

Does this mean you’re putting session musicians out of work?

I prefer to use the original instrument. I can find something on Splice then get my saxophonist cousin to play something similar. Nonetheless, Splice is convenient when you’re knocking out several tunes a day.

Kit: Nest for heat and ProTools and Pioneer (below)

What equipment do you use when you’re DJing?

Two Pioneer CDJs Nexus2s and a Pioneer Nexus mixer with software called Rekordbox.

What’s the fanciest DJ set-up you’ve had?

I was a resident at Pacha in Ibiza last year. The booth is immense. You can get 50 people in there and have your own little party, the sound system is incredible. You’ve got six CDJs.

Do your two daughters have annoying tech habits?

My five-year-old’s favourite saying is ‘Alexa play Little Mix’. My one-year-old has a Peppa Pig microphone with no off button. It does really annoying feedback. The only way to stop it is take the batteries out but I feel like a bad parent doing that.

Your wife Rochelle did Room 101 and said how fussy you were about watching things on HD — are you that bad?

Absolutely. I come home from work and she’s watching the TV — but she’s watching it on standard definition. Why would you do that? If I ask her to record something for me and she doesn’t do it in HD, I’m fuming. I’m obviously joking but I’m quite serious.

Idol: The Rock for inspiration

How smart is your home?

I’ve got the Nest for the central heating, which is really economical. In my previous home I could do all my lights from my phone. It had loads of settings — a romantic one, a movie one, an early evening one — but it’s a novelty that wears off quickly.

Who are your favourite people to follow on social media?

I like The Rock: he goes to the gym a lot and is motivational and funny. And ET The Hip Hop Preacher — he’s an American motivational speaker.

Helping hand: Alexa for Little Mix

What gadget would you invent?

My wife is quite particular about the cushion layout so a gadget that can handle umpteen cushions that aren’t necessary would be good.

Marvin Humes is supporting #FeelSuper, raising money for Marie Curie. Superdrug will be donating to the charity from certain product purchases