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My Tech: Johnny Vaughan

Retro fan: Johnny Vaughan

The DJ, 51, tells about his love of Super 8 and why old vinyls are still up to scratch

We heard you’re a lover of retro tech…

There’s not much ‘wow’ in new iPads, phones, laptops — not in the physical hardware. The actual gadget doesn’t change. When I was a kid we’d buy actual toys but now they just want a new computer, an updated version of what they’ve got already. Five years ago my daughter said: ‘Dad, we’ve got to buy a record player. You put this black plastic thing on it and I don’t know where the sound comes from.’ That’s got more ‘wow’ in it.

What retro gadgets are you into at the moment?

The Braun SK25 radio. It’s the best-designed radio ever. I think it’s what they based the original iPods on. Even those little Braun travel clocks are going for a lot of money on eBay. I’ve got three or four of the radios and a few Braun Super 8 cameras. I don’t shoot on them much because Kodak stopped doing the film, which included processing, even though you had to send it to Switzerland. Now you’ve got to pay additional money for the processing so that’s £24 for three minutes of footage. But it’s worth it.

Classic: A Braun SK25 radio

Do you use your phone for filming and pictures?

For quick stuff but not really. I’ve got a Leica camera and the Braun S800 macro, which is an old Super 8 camera. I bought a Bolex Super 8 projector on eBay. There are no pixels and it spools it all through for you. We forget that things from the past often do a better job than what we have today.

What other retro stuff should come back into popular use?

I’m not retro for retro’s sake. The product has to be better. Super 8 looks better than anything on video because it’s film. If you take photographs with a proper 35mm SLR camera they will look better.

Film star: A Super 8 camera

What’s been your most disappointing tech purchase?

A Sony Micro MV video camera. It cost a lot of money and it used little tapes you couldn’t buy anywhere a month after I got it.

What would be your money-no-object gadget purchase?

An orange convertible Lamborghini. I think that counts as a gadget, not a car, as they’re so vulgar. It must be so uncomfortable to be a passenger in one of them. It just says ‘I’ve got a mate with loads of cash’.

Dream: Johnny wants a Lambo

If you could invent any gadget what would it be?

Something that would bridge any two sockets on any of the gadgets I own. It would be like a super-adapter. I’ve got an extraordinary wire collection — it looks like squid-ink pasta someone’s thrown in a bin bag. My flat’s just a heaving mass of black wires.

Johnny Vaughan is on Radio X on weekdays from 4pm to 7pm and Saturdays from 11am