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My tech: Jax Jones

Cosmic: Jones is a
big fan of space
movies but doesn’t
wish to go to Mars

■ The DJ and producer, 31, talks about retro gaming, why he’d want a cybernetic implant in his foot and DJing at friends’ weddings

The video for your single Ring Ring is a bit retro — are you interested in old-school tech?

I try to collect all the retro consoles as they come out but I’m spending too much money on them. I got the mini SNES when it came out and a PSP with an emulator that lets me play the Nintendo 64 on it. I’ve got every re-release they’ve made. I sold the Dreamcast but I’ve got the GameCube.

What are your favourite computer games?

I play every Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game over and again. Streets Of Rage for the Mega Drive is a timeless classic. I love the third level of Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo, with all the capes.

What was the first console you had?

Essentials: A Super Nintendo, payment ring (below) and Shure earphones (bottom)

The first one I played on was the Super Nintendo, which is why I love it so much. The first one I owned was the PS2. I used to play Pro Evolution 5. I’ve got the PS4 and Xbox One now and I like the new Doom and Street Fighter.

What’s been your worst on-stage tech mishap?

The other week [mixing software] Ableton decided to get everything wrong at a festival. Everything was out of time, the vocals all went wrong and the settings on the keyboards were all wrong. You’d play a note and it sounded like it was under water. Sometimes it’s the heat or sometimes someone might change a setting on the keyboard during soundcheck by accident, so when you go on stage you’re left to the gods.

Do you have any handy travel gadgets?

I’ve got one of those plugs that has every plug socket from around the world on it, plus loads of USB ports. That’s the best thing in my bag. And I have Shure E846s. I had too much time in the airport and ended up buying them for £800. They’re in-ear headphones but they’re the best you can buy without getting moulds.

If you got a cybernetic implant where would it go?

It would go in my foot so I could shrink or enlarge it. It would mean I could get whatever limited trainers I wanted, even if they just had one size left.

Would you go to Mars?

I don’t want to go to Mars. I like doing what I’m doing on Earth. But I like space movies so if we do more space exploration and it means it better informs space movies, then that’s good. My favourite space movie is Event Horizon, with Laurence Fishburne.

If you could invent any gadget what would it do?

All my friends are getting married, so I’d want a gadget that would enable me to plug my phone into any DJ system anywhere around the world so I can play weddings when they ask me. I’ve been roped into doing four weddings this year.

What’s been your most disappointing gadget buy?

Someone gave me a ring the other day, which is for contactless payments. You just tap it like with a phone or card. It’s either one of the greatest or worst things that’s ever been invented but I haven’t used it so I don’t know yet.

Jones’ single Ring Ring, featuring Mabel and Rich The Kid, is out now