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My Tech: Janet Devlin

The Northern Irish singer, 25, talks about Bluetooth running shoes and timers for TikTok

What kit do you use to record your YouTube videos?

If it’s me talking to the camera I use a Canon EOS 200D. For videos of me singing I use the same camera but a Shure SM7B microphone. It’s quite forgiving as I seem to have no internal volume control. I go from doing whispery verses to belting out the choruses.

You’ve written a book — do you prefer real books or eReaders?

It depends what I’m reading. If it’s regular literature I’ll read the normal book. But with Fifty Shades Of Grey, I read it on the book app on my phone because I didn’t want anyone on the train to know I was reading it.

Have you had any live streaming fails?

Too many. I moved back to my parents’ house for six months and I was live streaming, trying to be a serious musician, when my mum walked in and said, ‘Do you want me to put a wash on?’

Do you engage with a live streaming audience as effectively as you do with a live audience?

With streaming I tell people about my life as well as performing the music. On stage you master introducing the song by talking a bit about it, so it’s a different approach. I use Stageit — you can set ticket prices but I always set it to ‘pay what you want’. It’s like busking online.

You talk about mental health and personal problems on social media – presumably not all the comments are supportive?

No, there’s some negativity. I didn’t post personal stuff when I was younger but I got negative feedback anyway. But now I don’t care about the negative opinions of people online, I only care about the opinions of people I love and respect.

What’s your favourite social media platform?

My top three are Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. If I’m having a stressful time I like looking at something mindnumbing but with TikTok I set a timer on my phone of 20 minutes. Without it I’d be on there for hours.

What’s the most disappointing tech purchase you’ve made?

When I was younger I had an electronic diary. It was like a dictaphone and was advertised as only being accessible to the owner’s voice via a password. But it turned out anyone could get access to it using the password — including my three brothers, who were listening to my diary for a year without telling me. I only found out when I did a diary entry about kissing my first boy and they asked me what I’d been up to.

You vlog about fitness. Do you use any health-related gadgets?

I’ve moved on to Olympic weightlifting. I use the Wodify app. I enter what weights I can lift and then it works out the one-rep maximum I should aim for, or tells me to do it at 70 per cent for a certain number of reps, which is how you get your weights up. I used to run a lot and I have Under Armour Bluetooth running shoes. They’re connected to the Map My Run app, which helps you elongate your strides.

Devlin’s new album, Confessional, and book, My Confessional, are out now