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My Tech… Hannah Wants

The DJ, 32, tells us about loving pioneer and fitbit — and her dad’s old cassette player

What’s your DJing set-up?

Pioneer CDJ 2000 decks and a DJM 900 Nexus 2 mixer. I’m very fussy about headphones. And I’m a Pioneer girl for life. I’m using the HDJ-X10s — it’s their DJ model. I’ve used my friends’ headphones and the low end is better with Pioneer.

Do you use gig apps?

No, I don’t record my sets or upload the audio. I’ve been DJing for over ten years so things have changed. The drawback of people recording gigs on their phones is that they’re not as immersed in the music but, at the same time, recording sets has helped DJs get their name out there. I’ve been to gigs where people have had their hands in the air recording the whole time. When I go to festivals I might record a few minutes and then put it away and be in the moment.

What’s the fanciest club you’ve DJed at?

Amnesia in Ibiza has one hell of a sound system. It’s amazing. It’s one of the best DJ booths in the world.

What tech made an impression on you when you were younger?

My dad’s radio cassette player when I was around 12. I used to listen to the dance charts on Sunday evenings and record my favourite songs. Then, when I was 16, I got my Technics 1210 decks, which is where my love for DJing started. I started DJing in my bedroom. My first gigs were three years later in pubs in Birmingham using their karaoke equipment, which was pretty basic.

Do you use any fitness gadgets?

I love my Fitbit — it tells me how much sleep I have had, which I find really useful. If I am touring and I’m not getting enough sleep I can then check how many hours I’ve been getting and prioritise that. I’m looking forward to the next model coming out just before Christmas.

Who are your favourite people to follow on social media?

I follow a couple of conspiracy theory accounts, some health ones and vegan chefs such as EpiVegan, as he always posts cool recipes. And Change Ur Perception posts spiritual stuff. I try to post myself on Instagram at least three times a week.

Do you spend a lot of time doing selfies?

No, I hate doing them. I hate posing for pictures at the best of times and I don’t take selfies — it’s hard enough when I have to do press shots. I don’t understand how it’s become a thing. Girls and boys trying to be sultry and posting close-ups of their faces.

What’s been your most disappointing gadget?

As much as I love my Fitbit, the straps are disappointing. They break quite easily but if you contact them they’ll send a replacement. And you get two straps with the new model that’s coming out, so that’s good.

If you could invent a gadget what would it do?

Some sort of luxurious pod for travelling so I wouldn’t have to share planes with loads of people. Something big enough for a bed, a shower, some decks, maybe, and a kitchen for good healthy food — and it would also fly a lot faster than a plane.

Hannah Wants’ single, Close To You, is out now