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My tech: Guy Sebastian

What do you use in the studio?

I’ve just switched from Logic to Ableton [digital workstations]. I was overwhelmed by it at first but now I’m finding it really easy — it’s great for samples and you don’t have to do as much guesswork as you do with Logic. I’ve also just restored an old Siemens console. I used one a while ago and I hunted this down — it was in the US and the instruction manual was in German so I had to translate it. It’s now the centrepiece of my studio.

Rich tones: The £20,000 ELA M 251 microphone

And at home?

I had Sonos for a while but I’m using Bose now, which is all linked to a system I use on my iPad. I really liked Sonos but I’m away so often that whenever I came back I spent a lot of time doing Sonos software updates. I just wanted to come home and put music on.

You’re a keen photographer. What equipment do you use?

It started as a hobby and has expanded. My wife and I have a foundation to support shelters for women who have suffered domestic violence. I’ve done photographic exhibitions to raise money for that. I use a Canon 5D Mark IV. You can focus by tapping the screen. If you’ve got two subjects at different depths you can tap the subject in the foreground and it will focus on that, then tap on the subject in the background, so it looks like you’re really good at pulling focus.

How ‘smart’ is your home?

I’m building my own house in Sydney. It’s 7,500 sq ft and will have a sound-proofed recording studio and a little gym. I want it to be as smart as I can get. I want to have a remote-controlled steam room and be able to put the coffee machine on from my bed.

Guy’s gadgets: The Ableton, Bose and the Canon 5D Mark IV

How techy was Eurovision?

It was unbelievable. The soundchecks were insane. They’d sampled the ambience of the main arena for us to hear in our in-ear monitors in rehearsals.

Is it a song contest or a fancy backdrop contest?

There are always entertaining set designs and performances but they don’t win unless they marry up with the song.

Who are your favourite people to follow on social media?

I hate Twitter. There’s a whole lot of t***s on Twitter. It’s become a competition to see who can do the narkiest one-liner. I love Instagram because I love photos and I follow some musos on that such as Madison Ryann Ward and Yebba Smith.

What’s been your most disappointing tech purchase?

My iPhone 6. It’s like the minute they release a new phone, they release software updates that make older phones run like s***. My phone is now running like turd.

What’s on your tech wish list?

I’d want the ELA M 251 microphone — it’s the holy grail of microphones. I was writing with Robin Thicke and he had one and I sang through it and the sound is amazing. It costs $20,000 and I can’t justify spending that much money.

What gadget would you invent?

Something that allows you to eat whatever you want without putting on weight. I’ve just done the cover of Australian Men’s Health. I trained every day and didn’t eat rice, sugar or a piece of bread for ten weeks and I’ve kept it up. When I was younger I played football and could eat anything but then I started producing music, sitting in a studio all day drinking Coke, and I whacked on the weight.

Sebastian’s album Conscious is out now