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My Tech: Emma Blackery

■ The singer and vlogger, 26, talks about YouTube success, and Apple’s iPhone X launch

How did you end up part of the Apple X launch?

Apple asked a few months previously if they could use my artwork. They used a tiny thumbnail on one of their websites and I thought that was the end of it. I didn’t know my face would be blown up on a massive screen and broadcast to millions of people. I don’t know how it happened but it made a huge difference to me. My EP ended up back in the iTunes chart and I was interviewed by magazines such as Billboard and NME.

For the record: The Apollo Twin mark 2 (left) and Apple’s iPhone X range (below)

How do you stand out in a crowded market?

It’s difficult these days as YouTube is saturated because people know you can make money from it and so many are doing prank channels and clickbait. Look at what you think is missing from YouTube. You can stand out by bringing something new to the table.

Do guidelines about not having social media accounts if you’re under 13 make any difference?

No, because loads of people do it anyway. I saw a profile recently that said: ‘Hi! I’m nine years old and I’m single!’ I couldn’t believe it.

What would be your money-no-object tech purchase?

An audio interface for music recording — the Apollo Twin mark 2. It connects to your Mac or PC via Thunderbolt, and is designed for modern recording with two Unison mic/line preamps, a Hi-Z instrument input and headphone output, two digitally controlled monitor outputs and eight additional digital inputs. Put simply, it’s how you get vocals into a computer.

Easy to relate to: Midna the imp

Are you a gamer?

Now and again. Everyone’s going on about Fortnite but I’m not into it. I still play games like Zelda: Twilight Princess, Mario Kart and Sims 4 — easy, light-hearted games you can distract yourself with. I sound like a mum but I don’t like massive online shooters.

What game character would you be?

Midna, an imp from Twilight Princess. She always wants to do the right thing but doesn’t always do it in the right way. I can relate to that.

Emma Blackery’s single, Agenda, is out now. Her album, Villains, is out on August 31. She tours the UK in October