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My Tech: DJ Monki

Press shots of DJ Monki

You’ll be DJing on a floating stage at Yacht Week. What other bizarre places have you DJ-ed at?

I did the Snowbombing Festival in Austria. It’s a rave in an igloo at the top of a mountain. It was freezing.

Did the ice cause any problems with your equipment?

I use Pioneer CDJs and they don’t work if you’re wearing gloves so I had to make sure I had something warm to hold between tracks so my hands didn’t get too cold.

What did you do at the Women’s World Cup?

I was presenting and commentating for football content channel Copa90.

How could the tech at the event be improved?

They used the Women’s World Cup as a test for VAR (video assistant referees). The idea is VAR would be able to give a straight answer quickly but it turned out that a lot of the VAR decisions were still quite subjective, which defeats the point. As the competition went on they used it less and relied more on the refs who were only taught how to use VAR six weeks before the competition.

Onside: An Alexa, an Apple Watch and England at the World Cup

What tech do you use with your own football training?

I use a tracker, a heart-rate monitor and a little heat map to see where I’ve been on the pitch. If I’m only running 6km in a match I know that’s been a particularly lazy match for me. I also use an Apple Watch with the Activity app, which tells me if I’ve hit certain targets each day.

What’s your DJing set-up?

I first started on vinyl, then when I started getting bookings I used CDs. Now I use Pioneer CDJs and I just rock up with USB sticks.

Does Alexa worry you?

It probably is listening to what I’m saying but then so is my phone. You’ll be talking about something, then adverts start popping up when you go online. AI technology is going to be a crazy thing in the future but I don’t worry about Alexa too much.

Are you a fan of social media?

I have a Sony Cybershot camera as I need good-quality content for social media. I don’t particularly enjoy social media but it’s something I have to do for work. I deleted Facebook and Snapchat but I still use Twitter and Instagram.

What gadget would you invent?

I’d invent a machine that would prep and make healthy meals.

Monki plays the Buzz Boat floating DJ stage at Yacht Week, from Aug 17 to 24,