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My Tech: Circa Waves’ Kieran Shudall on using technology to connect with fans

Some day I’ll fly away: Shudall (centre, front) is dreaming of the day the common man can travel by jet PICTURE: SHIRLAINE FORREST/WIREIMAGE

Why are you encouraging your fans to dance?

We’ve got a website that records you doing your dance moves and, when you move, one of our new tracks will play. Then our favourite recordings of people dancing will be used in our new music video. People might have some incredible dance moves they want to show off, or you could juggle or do a magic trick. It’s fun to use technology to connect with the fans. I thought it was an interesting idea and a way of connecting with the fans.

What do you listen to music on at home?

I’ve got a mini-studio with KRK speakers (pictured) and downstairs I’ve got the Amazon Echo to listen to 6Music when I’m cooking my tea. I’ve got it connected to my living room light so I can tell it to turn on and off. I like it but I’m aware it’s become a bit Blade Runnery and Alexa is listening to my entire life. Although all she hears is me making terrible spaghetti bolognese.

Listening in: Alexa in the Amazon Echo

How do you feel about streaming?

It’s great for the consumer and it’s on its way to becoming sustainable for the artist. There are acoustic artists who are on lots of playlists who get paid thousands of pounds a month for just putting up a couple of tracks. There’s money to be made but whether it’s being dispersed correctly by record labels I don’t know and it’s hard to tell as there are conflicting articles about it.

Are you a gamer?

Not really. The only console I ever had was the Dreamcast (below). I was pretty good at Crazy Taxi.

What gadgets made an impression on you as a kid?

I went through about ten remote-control helicopters because I used to crash them all. I thought about getting a drone recently but they’re expensive and I don’t like the idea of a camera being on a drone. I’d prefer an amazing helicopter or aeroplane.

Who do you follow on social media?

House Of Highlights, which has the best basketball plays from the night before. And the Calm meditation app, which walks you through a relaxation technique.

What gadget would you invent?

I used to like the film The Rocketeer. I thought having that jetpack would be the coolest thing in the world. I’d create something to give the power of flight to the common man.

Are you worried about AI ruining the world?

Sound warnings: Elon Musk

Yes. Elon Musk often pops up chatting about how AI is going to destroy the world unless we get a grip on it. And there’s an AI newsreader in China. We’ll just have to see what happens.

Would you go to Mars if it meant you couldn’t come back to Earth?

No. You’d have to be f***ing crazy. Imagine me telling my family that I’m going to go to Mars forever. Someone will have to do it one day and it will be very commendable but it’s not going to be me.

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