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My Tech: Chris Robshaw

What tech do you use the most in rugby training?

My club, Harlequins, uses a lot. We have GPS units in our shirts. They monitor how far you run in a game, the speedyou run and the number of collisions you make. We have a drone recording aerial footage and cameras along the sides of the pitch. We also have equipment in the gym that measures the speed at which we lift weights.

Do you use any other apps for training?

We use the EyeGym app. It’s supposed to improve reflexes. It’s just to get that one per cent advantage. You can only be of acertain fitness, a certain speed and strength, so it’s about improving things around that. Even things like
juggling help to improve your reflexes and peripheral vision. The EyeGym app is about how quickly you react, how quickly you can perceive things and how well you can concentrate when you’re fatigued. All these little things add up.

Top score: A Nintendo 64 and the Hive smart meter (below)

Do you play any other games?

Not now but I did in the past. My favourite was GoldenEye on the N64.

What tech do you use to treat injuries?

There’s a huge amount of technology in physio. If we have a lower-limb injury we use the AlterG, which is like a baby bouncer – you wear wetsuit trousers and get strapped in and it can take the weight off your injured leg. You can run at 60 per cent bodyweight, for example, so you can get back into things as smoothly as possible. It’s brilliant.

Do you use things like cryotherapy?

Yes, quite regularly after games. It goes to -120C and you’re in there for two minutes in your pants, socks and headband. It reduces inflammation and swelling. You can have 60 contacts in a game so there are a lot of knocks.

What can football learn from rugby abouthow to use VAR?

We went through a stage when VAR was taking up a lot of time but the refs got more confident intheir decision-making. Now they speak to the
TMO (television match official) while play is continuing.

How smart is your home?

Pretty smart. I’ve got Hive, Sonos, alarms and I use the printer from my phone. Hive is useful because my schedule changes all the time so I can turn the heating off if I’m not at home to avoid running up heating bills.

Do you have a smart meter?

Yes. It’s nice to know how much you’re using and it helps you stay in control.

Chris Robshaw has teamed up with Hive to explain more about how to control your home from your phone. See