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My Tech: Angela Scanlon

■ The TV presenter, 35, talks podcasts, vexing children’s toys and ‘milking machines’

What do you use to record your new podcast?

Beyerdynamic M58 microphone, a Sound Devices Mix-Pre3 recorder and books and cushions. Rearranging them is a useful way to correct echo-y sound when I’m chatting to people in their homes.

The podcast is about gratitude — what tech are you most grateful was invented?

Smartphones. I live in London, my family are in Ireland and I keep in touch with them via WhatsApp groups, Facetime and audio messages. If you have a granny in Australia she can get to know your kids quite well via technology, so I prefer to look at the positives rather than the fact technology is ruining our lives.

Do you use any tech to assist with parenting?

We used a camera monitor that became our version of Big Brother for a while. It’s low tech but our portable black-out blind has been a saviour. I also had a hospital-grade breast pump that was like a milking machine, but it did the job quickly. I also had a Medela pump that I’d use in cars. I’d sit there with two bottles attached with this awful milking sound going on in the background.

Fresh: A FaceGym, breast pumps and a MixPre-3

Does your daugher have any annoying toys?

She had a toy that said ‘It’s cold, can you put my mitten on?’ But one day my husband said ‘I don’t think that’s very appropriate.’ He’d misheard it and thought it was saying ‘It’s cold, can you put my knickers on?’ We’ve just got a potty that cheers when my daughter wees. There’s a sensor on the bottom that sings to encourage her to use it properly but she’s worked out that if she presses the button underneath it will sing to her anyway.

Your show Your Home Made Perfect featured VR — were you impressed?

It’s the way things are heading. Lots of people struggle to imagine what their home will look like after a renovation and this really helped. It allowed people to take more risks with their decisions as they could see what they’d end up with at the end.

What beauty gadgets do you use?

I use a Face Gym that works your face out with an electric current and is supposed to chisel your jaw line. You feel really fresh after it. And I use a Face Lite, which is an infrared massager. You put it on and the light kills bacteria and helps produce collagen. I’m of the mentality that something will eventually work. I’m a ‘more is more’ woman. I don’t use Botox or fillers – I prefer using non-invasive things.

Are you excited about any fashion-related tech developments?

I really like Instagram’s feature where you can buy directly. I follow people for what they wear and now brands can link from a coat to where you can buy it directly. It’s not good for impulse buying but I like it.

What’s been your most disappointing tech purchase?

A memory stick. I have over 50,000 pictures on my camera roll and I went to get pictures printed and the guy sold me a memory stick so I could download all my photos. It cost £80 and the storage was smaller than what I had on my phone anyway so I couldn’t use it.

Angela Scanlon’s podcast Thanks A Million is available to download on iTunes and Acast now.