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My lockdown: Tom Walker

Light at the end: Tom has
really missed getting out
on his skateboard

The singer is missing the studio and never wants to do another quiz…

What’s your daily routine?

I don’t really have one. Some days, I wake up and I can’t be a**ed and I don’t do anything. Other days, I wake up and I’m super-inspired and want to use the time we’ve got to improve myself and learn a new language. I haven’t got very far. I know a bit of Italian and wanted to learn more, but it hasn’t happened.

How has your working week changed?

I’ve been doing loads of writing. I’ve been having writing sessions with other people, but it’s always via a computer screen, which I’m sick of. There’s something about going into a studio and seeing the platinum plaques on the wall and knowing that some of your favourite bands have worked there — there’s a magic to that you don’t get from a MacBook screen. The biggest change is I haven’t done any gigs. I’ve been doing live-streams every week on different social media platforms. It’s weird — you do a song and there’s no reaction at the end of it.

Which of the permitted forms of exercise have you been doing?

Me and my fiancée have been doing HIIT sessions run by Prestige Boot Camp on Instagram. We’ve been doing a couple a week — we move the furniture around and do it in the living room. For the first couple of weeks, walking up and down the stairs afterwards was a challenge.

Did you panic-buy anything?

We went to the supermarket but we were too late. There wasn’t anything left. We got a massive leg of lamb, which everyone else had left because it was £20, and a bag of frozen okra. I used the okra in a chicken curry. It was very nice. I’ve always bought toilet paper in bulk. I’ve been buying 30 rolls at a time online for years now, just because I don’t want to keep going down to the shop to buy toilet paper.

Have you been doing quizzes or any other lockdown trends?

The Zoom quizzes were fun when they started but now it’s ten weeks in, I do something else. I couldn’t stand to do any more. When the pubs reopen, I will never do another quiz again. You can have too much of a good thing. The last time there was a Zoom quiz, I painted the hall instead.

Has social isolation caused any personality changes?

I’ve become more grumpy. My fiancée is a ray of sunshine and keeps things on the level. I call it the coronacoaster — one day everything’s fine, the next I’m annoyed I can’t do something simple that I’ve taken for granted like giving my mates a hug. I’ve got nothing to complain about. I’m very fortunate, so I try not to moan. I’ve got friends who have lost their jobs and have had to move out of London and move in with their parents. I still get my songwriting royalties and I still get plays on Spotify and on radio, so I don’t have anything to complain about compared to some people. My friends were actors and dancers and worked in theatre but they weren’t on contracts, so when the shows got cancelled they were out of work and couldn’t claim the support as they didn’t qualify. Hopefully, they’ll come back when the theatres reopen but it can’t be an easy thing to deal with.

Which non-essential activity do you miss the most?

Drinking in the pub and skateboarding. I think that you’re allowed to go skateboarding now but you weren’t at first, which I didn’t understand as you don’t go skateboarding holding hands with someone. I miss going to the pub after a writing session and catching up with my friends.

Do you think this will change society at all?

Businesses will change. Now they’ve realised so many people can work from home they won’t want to pay for office space and they’ll keep people working remotely and having Zoom meetings.

Tom’s new single Wait For You is out now,